New from a Digital Nomad!

Hi Everyone,
I’m new to THS even though I’ve done house and pet sitting before. I love to travel and I love animals so this is perfect for me. I’ve already secured my first house sit and working on securing the 2nd one now. Right now, I’m focusing on sits in the US but plan to venture out this fall to other countries. Thanks to THS, great site! :smile:


It is great. Good luck!

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HI @Butterfly welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters, thank you for joining us.

Congratulations on arranging your first sit and good luck working on your second. Where are you going and what pet are you looking after?

Focusing on staying “local” is a great way to get started and in these uncertain travel times can really work for everyone in a more effective way.

Enjoy connecting with our members from around the world and welcome again.

Angela and the Team

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Hi @Angela-CommunityManager! Thank you for the warm welcome. I initially tried to find local sits to where I’m currently located (South Florida) but ended up with Black Mountain, NC (outside of Asheville) for 2 months. I’m excited (2 dogs and 2 cats). Also never been to Black Mountain so something new.

As a nomad, my “local” will change depending on where I am. I do plan to group sits and my regular travel in one region for certain dates since I’m doing mostly road trips right now.

How early do I ask for a welcome package? I made a mistake and hit the button to request it with 33 days until my sit. Is that too early?


Others may have a different take on this, but if the person has used THS before, they should already have the welcome guide prepared and I usually request it shortly after confirming the sit. I recently was the first THS sitter for a family and they had to prepare the welcome guide from scratch so it took a while. I got it 2 weeks before the sit and the duties were more regimented than what was discussed previously. What happened was, we interviewed with one partner (who was very laid back) and the other partner prepared the guide. Everything worked out great, but when I first read it, I thought that maybe we were over our heads regarding some of the tasks. Getting the guide as soon as possible allows you to follow up and clarify things. Also, if the expectations are clearly different than discussed before accepting, it gives both parties time to adjust or even make other arraignments if needed.


Thanks @Southernsitter! That makes alot of sense.


Hi Butterfly and good luck with your first housesit via TH and with future travels outside the US