Hello to Andalusia

We are a married couple (20 years) and a small dog (labrador/podenco mix). We have lived, worked and raised our children in Andalusia. We have had family responsibilities and we had to return to Germany. Now, after about 3 years we would like to return to Andalusia. We speak perfect Spanish and German. Usual English and we would like to come back very much. The weather here makes us sick. We are responsible and we like to be at home and nature. We make music, we are creative and we understand a lot about computer science, photography and aerial photography through drones. I, Sara, have worked in administration and now I am completing training in prevention for massage, wellness and body mobilization (prävention pädagogik). Thanks and a big hug.

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Andalusia is a very beautiful part of the world. We are currently in Seville for the Semana Santa celebrations before starting our next house sit in the surrounding area.

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