New sitter member how do we help the owner prepare for our sit?

Hello all,

Me and my fiance just joined THS and got out first sit confirmed this morning. The HO has asked what can they prepare for our arrival? I’m not sure what to say really as we don’t know what is the basic expectations from sitters?

I’m assuming fresh bed sheets, clean bathroom, clear instructions for house care and alarm system, etc.

Is there a list of basic requirements you all use?


Hi @AndrewCMiles welcome to our Community Forum and to TrustedHousesitters and congratulations on getting your first sit confirmed. You have come to the best place for help and advice as we have many experienced members. You will also find great resources on the website Blog Also a post from @Vanessa-Admin includes help and a list of useful articles.

Enjoy being here and congratulations once again, we look forward to sharing in your new and exciting TrustedHousesitters pet lovers journey.

Angela and the Team

As someone who’s produced a lot of resources for the community through House Sitting Magazine (my other job)… we compiled a checklist which now extends to over 4 pages :slight_smile: And there (I believe) lies the problem.

There are so many scenarios… we’ve house sat all over the world and homes, environments, climate, pets, culture, travel options, off-grid situations, pools, land management… it is impossible to cover everything for everyone. I always joke now when I share our list because it’s really just a reminder of things you could ask, depending on the situation you find yourself in - it would be impossible to cover everything.

We’ve found that many members now create their own lists built up from their experience and information provided via the THS website, and they develop ways to build these into pre-sit chats depending on what’s necessary.

This forum is a great place to highlight each others experiences and will help others who might not have considered particular questions in a certain situation. Some of course are universal questions and those are the ones that could possibly be built into future updates and the product team will be looking out for these I’m sure.

As far as your question about information provided by TrustedHousesitters… there is a lot available… there are many blogs to advise people, a code of conduct when joining, prompts along each stage of the process to remind of best practices, and of course this new forum. Which is why posts like this are so helpful so thank you again for the time taken to list these points.

Here are several blogs for owners and there are similar ones for sitters:

I’ve moved this off the original topic as this is more relevant and can be extended. All the best, Vanessa