Spanish girl looking for fun! 😸

Hello, world!
My name is Carmen and I am really happy for having found this forum.
I am a 20- something yrs old girl from Spain. I have already done 2 trips using this platform and I absolutely love it. Both trips were to London, and now I am planning for an extended trip to this city (actually, any european big city!).

I have a degree in Philosophy and a C2 level in English, so I work online as a translator, which means that I can travel & work as much as I want! That is why I like housesitting: it gives me the opportunity of travelling at my own pace, while being able to have a space to work at, and with a huge advantage… Being surrounded by furry friends!

I’ve had pets for most of my life and housesitting has confirmed my love for them.
That’s why I want to enjoy the digital nomad and travel as much as I can this year.
So, hello, I’m happy to meet y’all, and if I sound like the kind of person you are looking for, please contact me!



Hi @Carmen and welcome to our Community Forum and to TrustedHousesitters it’s great to hear that you have already had two pet sitting stays … both in London, does that mean you are a city sitter at heart? We all have our preferences and the wonderful benefit of being with TrustedHousesitters is there are animals and sits to suit all loves and wish lists.

For the digital nomad and remote worker, a growing lifestyle since COVID, pet sitting is purrfect (pardon the pun) and for the solo traveller who is never alone with a pet to sit, it really is ideal.

The forum was introduced for members to connect and communicate with each other and our TrustedHousesitters team while managing sits and sitters through the website and membership accounts.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members from around the world and thank you for sharing a lovely sunny picture …

Angela & The Team

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Hello Carmen
and welcome to the forum
I look forward to hearing about your pet sitting adventures & im sure you will have lots of fun :star_struck:


Hola Carmen!

I’m doing the same as you, full-time. I am a freelance translator & copywriter & since last year have lived in various places around France, Spain & Belgium.
I prefer long sits, so you can plan your work better. It’s a great lifestyle!


@Carmen I have SO many great memories of travelling in Spain! I looked after Sphynx cats on Ibiza with THS and dogs and horses through Workaway (and thats another site you should look at though its more geared towards farm stays, forest and garden work, builders labouring, working at backpackers etc etc than working with animals apart from a few animal rescue shelters) on Menorca and Mallorca. I looked after a lovely rescue dog near Malaga and a little cat (along with painting a rental finca) near Iznajar. One of my funniest memories is of trying to get a haircut behind the fantastic market at Valencia…my Spanish is very poor and I passed drawings of my head and the style I was hoping to get backwards and forwards with the barber and we split our sides and later got drunk together and surprise surprise our communication was so much easier! I did the Kings Walk (Camino del Rey) and anybody reading this and planning a trip to Spain should do this fantastic walk. Of course there are the amazing sites of Gaudi’s Barcelona, the UNESCO old town of Rhonda, Grenada, Seville, back-roads of the campo, high-level walks of the Sierra Nevada and the beautiful white villages and SO much more! Welcome to the UK! I was born in London and can give you lots of tips for getting off the beaten-track even though I was out of the country for 38 years I have been back for four years and rediscovering the country through pet-sitting so lots of suggestions as other sitters will have so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Have a great time travelling in this part of the world; you will spend time with some lovely animals who you will never forget.