Hello from Spain...but available to travel where you need me

I am an animal lover, I am lucky to work from home, so WIFI and a pet are like a dream combination for me.
I don’t have my own pets at the moment but had many cats and dogs. I moved from the US a few years ago and still deciding where to settle and then maybe a 4 leg friend.
I would love to be able to travel and visit more places, so this is my first step to help you and help me…
Let’s the sitting begin.


Hi @SandraMendi and a very warm welcome to our community forum , pet sitting and WFH is a pet lovers ideal place and it can help bring about a great work life balance, pets need love and care before a device need powering on … or up and during the day they can be a wonderful reason to stop and smell the roses.

There are some amazing opportunities when you are flexible and can travel freely and it’s a great way to test drive an location and really get a feel for the community and lifestyle.

I see that you have not completed your TrustedHousesitters membership registration so that you can start to create your profile and apply for sits, if you need help to do this our Membership Services Team are available, although I sure it’s just a timing thing.

Enjoy being on the forum and connecting with members from around the world and welcome again.

Angela and the Team