Newbie from Granada Spain

Hello all. We are new and in Granada Spain. I have heard of this website, as it has been referenced several times on a Facebook group I am on in Granada.
We are Irish and Spanish, and hopefully will find some good information here so we can housesit possible in Ireland in July and August 2024 with our little dog Anton with us.
The summers are becoming way too hot in the south of Spain.


Welcome @barrycreed

We can recommend TrustedHouseSitters as a way of finding great house sitting opportunities. We joined as sitters this year and have successfully confirmed 9 sits . Six of these we have already completed . Through TrustedHouseSitters we have been introduced to some lovely people, looked after gorgeous pets and stayed in beautiful homes .

There are THS sitters who travel and house sit with their pets .

There is a thread that may be of interest where the topic of house sitting with your own pet is discussed Is bringing your own pet on a sit allowed?


Welcome @barrycreed. Nice part of Spain. I’ve done 2 sits in Spain so far this year including a rather cool one in Murcia at the beginning of the year. But yes I know you’ve had some heat in Spain this summer.
Good luck with your sitting adventures.

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Welcome @barrycreed, Granada is one of my favorite cities in the whole world - I was lucky enough to live and study there for almost a year. I am sure you would be able to find sits to do with Anton as well as finding sitters for Anton as it’s such a desirable location to visit.


Welcome, @barrycreed !

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Hi @barrycreed and a very warm welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

As @Kelly_U said, we completely agree, Granada is a beautiful part of the world and we have been lucky enough to visit many times and cannot wait to go back! I am sure you will both find many wonderful house sits in Ireland that Anton will be able to go with you too. :ireland:

Also, remember you can use the spyglass symbol at the top of the page next to the TrustedHousesitters logo and search for any questions that you may have as they have most likely already been answered on here and of course if not then please just ask! :blush:


Welcome barrycreed ~ And Anton! I am happy to report that having my dog on 6 TH Sits so far, has been really fun, and helpful. I find that when a dog is left by its pack, then having my dog and I show up bringing endless fun walks in Nature, letting them go running free where safe, playing and sharing lots of cuddles is really helpful, and relieves what must be a potentially grief-full situation for the dog we are caring for.

We are having the best time with other dogs, and Tarkina is really flourishing from meeting so many different breeds and spending quality time with them. I love it. We were just in Ireland, visiting with a friend for a week, and there, again, Tarkina had a new dog friend in Milo, and it was true LOVE!

I wish you the best.

I am here, if I can be of help.
Claire + Lady Tarkina Snowfire


Thanks guys. We travel with our dog, so looking at options that might allow us to travel more with him as well. Again, new to this, so will keep an eye on the forum here for info.
The last 2 summers, this one included, are just way too hot. It’s going to be 43 degrees c this week. Not fun!

You are in the right place, we are only Sitters, however have a few up our sleeves now and have never had a HO not ask us to come back. I am sure you will find great places with Anton and if sitters at your home, there too.
Enjoy x