New to Sitting

Hi everyone, we have just applied to be sitters. We live in Galicia in Northern Spain and want to see more of the South of the country. This seems like such a good way to do it. Finding something over the Christmas week would be favourite. So far, apart from one turn down, all sits we have been notified of are in UK or USA. Maybe there aren’t
many people using the site in the South of Spain.


Hi @Karen2 A big welcome to the Forum and you will find many members who will give you lots of good helpful advice here.

I would also like to suggest that you add your profile to your forum listing here so members get to know you better.

the way to add your profile link is here >>

If you upload the App, and make a saved search for Spain, you will then start to receive immediate notifications of new listings. I would also ‘Favourite’ other unavailable listings, so that when the pet parent/homeowner relist dates, you will be immediately notified.

Best wishes

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