NEW SITTER from Spain saying Hello!

I’m new here, I live in Spain (north). I’m an experienced sitter but new to TrustedHousesitters. We are already engaged for December. I just wonder if I can apply to a sitting even if they are not looking still for a sitter, for next April?

Hi @Susana. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the community forum. Good for you for getting your first sit already!

I love northern Spain. Where specifically are you from?

On the TrustedHousesitters platform it isn’t possible for sitters to send messages to homeowners who aren’t actively looking for sitters, but you can do two things to aid in your search:

  • If you have a specific area where you’d like to sit you can search for listings in that area using the TrustedHousesitters app but not specify any dates. Look through the list, and click on the little heart to “favorite” any that look interesting to you. When the homeowner lists new dates, you’ll be notified.
  • You can also create a saved search with the area and/or dates you’re looking for. When listings fit your criteria, you’ll be notified of those.

Again, welcome to the forum, and I hope you have a great time on your up-coming sit!

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Hi Karen, We live near Suances, a nice village on the coast of Cantabria. Thank you for the info!

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Hola and welcome :wink: Good luck :wink:

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Thank you!!

@Susana. Suances! I’ve heard such wonderful things about your town. Great beaches, amazing food, beautiful coastal views. Are there hordes of tourists?

My husband and I visited Santiago then skipped over to Bilbao and went eastward. Exploring the coast west of Bilbao is on our wish list. You live in a beautiful part of the world!

Suances is a very nice town, and the beaches and views are really beautiful! This year we noticed a LOT of tourists, but maybe caused by freedom after the two covid years. There are lots of incredible towns along the coast from Suances to the west, up to Galicia. And also the Picos de Europa (the Cantabrian mountain chain) is fantastic. Furthermore, prices here in the northern of Spain are lower than other zones. I sound like a tourism operator… right? but I’m not, I just love this region. I’m sending you a pic of Suances. Best wishes!


What a gorgeous picture! Thanks for sharing it.

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