Sits in Alicante Spain

We’re sitters and would love sits in Alicante, Spain as we have family in the area. We already have one agreed, however, sits seem rare in this area, and most of them that do come up are too short notice (ie within 3 months or so), whereas we are always booked ahead of time.

So could you all share any tips, tricks, or thoughts on what we can do, even if its away from THS, as we’ll end up mentioning our love of THS to them anyway.


Have you searched for HOs in that area that are not currently seeking sitters ?
Make these :heart: favourites.
If you do this , when these HO list new dates you will get a notification.

Or when you see a sit even if dates don’t work you can apply telling the HO you would like to be considered for future dates . ( Then withdraw your application so you don’t take up their 5 limit )- but in future you still can contact them through your inbox .

You may end up with referrals once you have completed your one sit already booked up in the area

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Yeh, I tried that, and I’ve tried reaching out to what few come up with a mind for the future, but no success as yet (but very nice replies to say they’ll bear us in mind).

We’ve got 5* reviews from the UK, and yes the one from Spain would definitely enhance things, but I am pretty sure that once they hear our reason for wanting to be in the area then they’ll potentially consider us. It’s just finding them in the first place I’m a little stumped with.

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Hi @HappyDeb , Two things I would do is, 1 - change your location on your THS profile to Alicante, and 2 - Join as many international and/or Spanish Facebook groups as possible.


Great suggestion by @Colin .

I had forgotten about this quirk of THS - When a HO is searching for a sitter to invite to a sit - local sitters come up first in the list . So by changing your location to Alicante - you will come close to the beginning of the list of sitters available and have more chance of being seen and invited.


I’ve joined an international facebook group, and loads of local town ones in Spain but as yet I haven’t actually posted about what we can offer, we’re just on creating a facebook page for ourselves to help when we do post.

Great idea about chancing our THS profile to Alicante, I hadn’t thought of that at all. :blush:


Yes, @Colin is a genius, I don’t think I would have ever thought of that. :rofl:

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There are usually ex pat forums, try Costa Blanca Forum and start a thread, look for Torrevieja ones as that is down the road and full of English speakers.
If your family live there, perhaps get them to put a card with your details in local vets?

Great idea about sending them some cards, whether its for the local vets or anywhere they pass. I’d do it here, I just didn’t think of doing it there with not being there. Fantastic

I’m excited that I’m doing a sit in Alicante next month. It was one of those listings that I found by checking my saved searches between app notifications. Hoping it turns into one of those relationships where I love it as much as I think I will and get invited back for future sits!


Hi @jcvbva thats great news, congratulations!

That’s great, I’m sure they’ll love you so get to return.

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