September sit in Spain

I advertised a sit for 10 days and got 7 applications so I thought great, I should find someone suitable and still available but alas no.
We are going away in 2 weeks and struggling, any suggestions ? In previous years we have had lots of choice with very experienced sitters but now things seem different.


Hi Rod, welcome to the Forum.
Very different times, most people are currently only sitting in their home country, as travel rules are changing all the time, and the additional costs associated with covid and travel are restrictive for shorter sits. Many people are waiting almost until the last minute to apply for sits for the above reasons, even locally.
It is worth relisting your sit, or amending the details so that the sit goes to the front of the queue ( a wee trick ) and don’t wait too long before responding to any applications, sitters will apply for more than one sit at a time, and this may be what has happened to some of your 7 applicants.
Good luck with your travels.


Hi @Rod welcome back to TrustedHousesitters and thank you for joining our community forum.

As Peter says these are different times, there is still a air of uncertainty around international travel and because of this, plus other factors, sitters are choosing domestic sits and staying closer to home, with that in mind your sit is an ideal opportunity for sitters resident or already in Spain.

It’s a great listing and you have 5* feedback from previous sitters, as a Standard member you can boost your listing. I note that sitters need a car, are you able to provide one to qualified drivers? Something to consider.

Another thing we can do to help is share the listing on our Social Media channels, please let me know if you would like to do this.

Welcome again.

Angela & The Team

Thank you for your comments and the ‘wee trick’, which I have done.


Thank you for your prompt response Angela. We wouldn’t offer our car to house sitters as you would definitely need a car to get here and access shops, restaurants etc.
We would be happy for you to share our listing on your Social Media channels.
Any help is much appreciated.

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Hi Rod, will share on FB & Twitter and external groups where our members interact…

That’s great, thank you

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Rod, Have you tried reaching out to local Spain sitters?

Hi @Rod your listing is live on THS Facebook Page and has gone out on Twitter … I hope that it helps with applications …

Worth a try, thank you

Thank you for your assistance, fingers crosssed

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Update - we now have a sitter.
The social media boost worked, many thanks Angela.


That’s excellent news Rod, thank you for the update.

Have a great trip and safe travels.