September Sit

I’ve had a few sitters in previously and generally get a really good response but I’ve posted dates for a September break and have received none. Has anyone had to result to contacting sitters directly rather than wait for applications and how successful has this been? Thanks in advance!

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Are you in the UK? I read the forum yesterday where someone pointed out that there are now hundreds and hundreds of sits being advertised for the UK and so sitters are able to ‘pick and choose’ their sit. However, I am sure you will get applications. Sit tight!

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Covid has made sitters hesitant to book too far in advance and to book sittings that involve too much travel. There is still plenty of time until September so I would not worry and would wait a few more weeks before contacting sitters directly.


HI yes I am in the UK so will exercise some patience! Thanks for responding.


Have you contacted your previous sitters to see if any of them would like to return? If they can’t do it, they may have someone in their network who can. You can send private invitations to them. Good luck.

Why not promote your sit by posting a link here? I agree with @Colin though in that I’m not looking as far in advance as I would have in the past. (I’m in Canada, so I can’t offer to help you).

If you contact sitters directly, you may want to try those who live an easy drive/commute from you. Some sitters, like me, are focussing more on those within an easy drive of home, just for a change of scenery.

I hope all goes well for you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Maria70 welcome to the forum, thank you for joining our community and posting about your September sit, you already have some helpful replies which I hope they give you some insight and help. It is a little early for September and as has been pointed out there is still some uncertainty in many minds about travel.

More sitters are becoming active again and domestic travel and sits are more accessible than international and reaching out to home based and local sitters would be recommended and new sitter members looking to get their first THS reviews, even those with numerous reviews also started from the place of “new” the important thing is getting the right sitter and that can equally be a “newbie” and try not to get too concerned.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with members from around the world.

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Hello @Maria70 ,
I’m a sitter and I have responded to local calls for help but that was at the beginning when I was looking to build some feedback. Now mostly I don’t.
I know it sounds counter intuitive but look at folk with no feedback who are new to the site. They often struggle to get sits and could probably use some help getting started.
Wishing you the best of luck.