Sitters: How soon in advance…

…do you like to apply for sitting? We posted an opportunity for Spring and haven’t had even one sitter reply.

The first 4-5 times, we got replies fairly quickly, but I’m thinking we didn’t post much in

I know we have time, but it makes me a wee nervous! Any thought???


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I think it really varies… some people really like to plan in advance, others not so much (I just applied for something in late June, but it is a sit that is VERY desirable to me because of the location, animals, and beauty of the property). Normally, I’d be looking at a few months don’t the road, so I don’t think March is too far off for people to be applying. Hang tight!

2 months in advance is good and the sit looks great as well. Longer sits like yours are usually in demand, so I wouldn’t be nervous.

You still have plenty of time & I’m sure you will attract someone soon. If you were in the UK I’d be applying!:rofl: A cat sit in the cooler months should be popular! We are looking for sits in the UK very last minute as we’ve had an unexpected change of. travel plan. Just last night we confirm a 12 day sit that starts next week 8th Feb! And we are actively looking for sits to continue on from there. Many people like to book ahead but many, like us, have ‘last minute’ phases in our sitters life! So stay positive!


Your sit looks fantastic and I’d apply in a heartbeat if I was travelling in the US instead of New Zealand! Maybe one day!
Someone else may mention that is it really necessary for sitters to have a car? What is the public transport like? Can they walk to the supermarket etc?
When I’m in the UK I have my own car but not if I’m abroad, just rent cars in between sits. Are you able to offer prospective sitters the use of a car?
I feel sure a sitter will pop up, you only need one and there are a lot of great sitters here!

As others have said @AmyNJoe, you have a great listing - very detailed information and lovely photos. You have had no trouble attracting sitters in the past so be patient a bit longer.
I did notice neither you nor your last sitter left a review/feedback for each other and one other sitter hadn’t given you feedback but you’d given them a very good review. This could be seen as a small red flag so perhaps it would be a good idea to get these completed.
No need to panic yet!

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That’s odd! I did leave feedback for all of them, All our sitters have been great and they all said everything was fantastic. I’ll look into it further to be sure.


It can be confusing as to review versus feedback…

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I posted a three week sit in the Kent countryside a week ago for May this year and likewise haven’t had replies. In the past ( we have been using THS since 2017) I have been sent lots of applications. I am wondering if something has changed since last year. We have recently lost one of our dogs and I wondered if having just the one dog was less attractive. Any thoughts?

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Hi @Blean, how sad that you have recently lost one of your much loved dogs. Only having the one dog will not make your listing less attractive as many sitters are happy to mind just one. I did do a search for your listing but couldn’t find it. Have you updated the information now you only have the one dog? I look for sits in Kent, preferably near Sevenoaks, but will not have arrived in the UK by May!

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Thank you. We have had a succession of dogs and while you accept they will pass, this one was a little character. Our house is showing, but it took me some time to find it. I will attach it to my post today.

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Thank you. We have had a succession of dogs and while you accept they will eventually pass, this one was a little character. Our house is showing up on the website, but I had trouble finding it. I have now attached the link to our sit in May.


You have such a lovely listing @Blean and Harris looks a beautiful dog. I’m sure you’ll have sitters applying soon.


Hi @AmyNJoe:

  • I just checked the app, and I currently see that all but your most recent sitter gave you feedback. And all 5*. That’s great!
  • I also see that you reviewed the last two sitters with 5*. Also great. So I guess you fixed whatever @temba kindly pointed out.
  • As @Smiley said, your sit looks great. Just 1 cat, and in Poulsbo! I mean, summer might be nicer, but I once took the ferry to Poulsbo and I recall having a great time. If I still lived in Seattle, I’d do that sit.
  • It’s possible that people not familiar with the Seattle area might not have Poulsbo on their radar. It looks far on the map, and I assume you can still get there easily by ferry, but maybe others don’t realize that.
  • You could think about this in a few ways:
    • Discovery (maybe change the location to Seattle but then say Poulsbo and ferry in heading/description).
    • Viability (sitter view) (could non-car sitter get to you from the airport cheaply?) (e.g. tram to ferry terminal, walk on ferry, uber to you?) (do you have bikes they can borrow to get into town?) (can you pick them up from the ferry?) (the rental cost of a car vs not could be significant)

And hi, @Blean:

  • I see you have 1 applicant! Congrats on some momentum!
  • I agree with @temba: As a solo sitter and introvert, one dog is actually preferred to two.

But you know, both of you PPs should feel free to make new topics on the forum and ask for constructive criticism on your listings. Can’t hurt, right?

Best of luck to you both! –Geoff

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Hello, I’ve been signed up as a sitter, but decided to upgrade to also be an owner as I’m going on a 3 week trip this spring. I am wondering what are normal expectations for applications. I’ve had 9 saves but no applications in the 6 days it’s been up. At what point do I “boost” it? Trying to be patient and have realistic applications :slight_smile:


Please can you link the listing to your profile and then members can give you some advice on how to make it more attractive to sitters? Thanks :blush:

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Hi @mrscodoma

Welcome to the forum, and I am sure you will get plenty of good advice here.
As @Cuttlefish mentions, … please do add your listing to your forum profile, so everyone can give you some lovely positive advice.

The way to add your listing link is here >>

Let me know if I can help you do this as would be happy to do this for you.
Best wishes

Sure thing, here you go:

Looks like a good sit. I’d reorder some of the photos. Either a Lola pic or an outside shot of the house to entice sitters to look further and add some captions to the images so sitters know which is their room/bathroom. The caption could be stronger - 3 week super, comfy house sit with cute Lola - maybe? But all small things. Everything else is honestly good although it does look like there are a lot of sits available in your area so maybe it’s that sitters have lots of choice? Best of luck with it :+1:


The thing is it only takes one good applicant. We were in same situation and I do think something has “happened” lately where few sitters are available/applying, and it’s taking a lot longer- making it scary for homeowners planning a trip. We have two sits planned and both confirmed, and I’m very pleased with the sitters! So although I’ll prob be concerned next time we post a sit and are anxiously awaiting a good applicant (and I could even find myself back here concerned), I need to keep repeating, “it only take one”,

Here’s an idea if you have the time: I spent multi hours going through the pages of “Find a Sitter” and inviting a ton who “were available”, in our location, and had recent comments in their profile. Although none accepted, we did get a bunch of people who said they looked at our listing and they’d love to have sat, but were unavailable. I did archive them and marked them with a label so I could invite them next time.

(Yeah, it’s frustrating that the online calendar for sitters profile defaults to available unless they mark it off rather than unavailable unless they mark it available because it makes it a fairly useless, time-wasting tool that could easily be improved- I’ve written THS several times with lots of easy fixes and suggestions and that process in itself needs fixing, lol!).)