Only one applicant - is it just too far in advance?

We’re new HOs to THS, with our first sit posted for August/September, and we’ve only had one applicant so far. Unfortunately, that person stopped responding before we got to the video call stage. I’m posting here in hopes of figuring out whether it’s just too early, or the fact that our location isn’t super exciting (semi-rural Texas – it’s interesting, and we like it, but it’s not Paris or the beach!), or if there are red flags in our listing.

As far as the listing goes, I’ve been reading the forum and trying to add things that people might be looking for (heating/air conditioning, lots of photos, etc.), but it’s hard to know how much is too much detail and how much is not enough! Or maybe there’s something I’ve worded in a way that’s turning people off. We’re very excited to have a dog lover hang out with our dogs while we’re away, and we really want to make it as comfortable/fun for the sitters as possible, so I hope that comes through in our listing without seeming too desperate!

I would love any feedback on this. Thank you so much.


@Greensheep I took a look at your profile and I feel it is excellent and explains everything in detail. I really wouldn’t worry too much about it yet as it is quite early for sitters to start looking for late summer sits (even though I appreciate having a good amount of time to plan ahead for travel). The new World we are living in now I think has made people a little more skeptical of booking too early as we never know what’s going to lurk around the corner with travel systems, health issues, etc.

I really believe you have plenty of time and should start seeing more applications over the next few months.

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I agree - it is a lovely listing. I think the only issue that would deter me was how far in advance it is posted, especially as it is a relatively short sit. I imagine you can list it now, and if you don’t get anyone suitable, you can always re-list it nearer the time. Best of luck with it. :slight_smile:

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Had a quick look, no real red flags, sounds like you put a lot of effort in your description! It might be a bit difficult to find reliable sitters 8 months ahead for a relatively short sit. We usually confirm long sits first (3+ weeks) and then think about accepting shorter sits for the gaps. The location, the fact that they can’t be left alone for very long and the number of dogs might make things more difficult. We’d also be concerned about the health of your oldest dog. We’re nowadays very cautious about accepting sits with dogs at the end of their lifespan. Perhaps I would add more info about his health and chronic coughing. Relisting at a later date and being on several platforms might be thing to do.

@Greensheep There are two answers to your question and both matter.

Answer 1. No, this is not too early to post August dates. Many, many sitters plan well in advance. So you might nab one of them. (We are sitters and HOs and we always plan way ahead.)

Answer 2. Yes, it is too early for many sitters who plan only 4-6 weeks out. But they are a great way to fill your sits!

As HOs, we have had success both ways.

Don’t worry. Keep the listing up and BE PATIENT. Do NOT accept a sitter just because they fog a mirror. Once we had to wait through 8 – yes, EIGHT – sitter applications before the good one came to us.

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Thank you! That helps a lot. I’ll add a bit more info about our elderly dog. I do understand that no one wants to be there when she reaches her final days. :cry: We know she’s on borrowed time and certainly wouldn’t be upset with anyone if it were to happen while we’re away, although of course we wouldn’t wish that on anyone!


Hello, I would probably not be looking at shorter sits that far in advance. If they were a month or longer then yes, we would be planning that far ahead. Looks like a lovely sit, personally I think you’re just ahead of the curve and all will be well:)


What I’m gathering from this is that if I want to be my usual planning-ahead self, I should make sure we go away for a longer period of time! :grinning:


Well…I guess if you must make that sacrifice! LOLOLOL


@Greensheep looks like you have a great place although the young lady in green in the bath tube would worry me!! :grin:
As a sitter I tend to work 4-8 weeks in advance. I’m sure many sitters do so I’d not worry.

:rofl: That was just a photo I happened to have from when we first moved into the house and wanted to show my mom how ridiculously large we thought the bathtub was! (I think we’ve actually used it more for puppy baths than for human ones…) No worries, the tub will not be occupied when a sitter arrives! :joy:

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We’re also new to THS and currently on our 2nd sit. I had a quick look at your profile and it’s really good; lots of information and excellent photos and would definitely catch my eye if looking for a sit. I especially love the one of you? sat in the bath!!
As @Timmy has said, we also wouldn’t commit to a shorter sit so far in advance and would only consider a short sit to fill in any gaps in our calendar closer to the sit date. Having said that I’m pretty sure they’ll be lots of others on here that only do shorter sits and would apply.

The sit we have just finished had an elderly cat with health issues and I did raise the delicate issue of PTS with the owner when we went to meet them prior to our sit date. She really appreciated me asking and we had a good discussion about what she’d like us to do if the worst should happen. I felt more comfortable knowing what to do worst case scenario.

Don’t get discouraged, plenty of time to find the perfect sitter.


@Greensheep I agree with others in that I think it’s a little too early to be listing for a short period of time. Much as we don’t want our beloved pets to die, this could easily happen to your much loved elderly dog before the actual dates of your sit, thus changing your whole requirements. I would hang off advertising until a few months from the time you need a sitter.

I think it’s a great listing! Beautiful home, cute pets and are you offering sitters the use of your Tesla?! Nice!

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Wow you have a beautiful home, and your fur babies are adorable. I am in love with that huge tub! And the espresso machine is gold. And letting the sitters use the Tesla is a huge plus. Your listing is great! Are you heading anywhere exciting while you are away?


A small suggestion reference your oldest dog— perhaps less detailed info on the profile but yes of course be honest she is elderly, needs a daily pill, and close monitoring. But give reassurance to the sitter that detailed instructions will be provided in the welcome guide and also discussed on screening the video call. Then sitters can decide in a two-way conversation if they are comfortable and still want to be considered.

Indeed it is posted far in advance for most sitters considering the length of the sit. I find advance posts for longer sits work since full time sitters plan ahead, and for shorter sits I post less than a month out. You’ll get the rhythm that works for you.
Your home is lovely, profile comprehensive, and pets … adorable.
You will surely find a great sitter, especially one that enjoys a Texas-sized tub!

Thank you! We’re taking both of our moms to a lodge in Belize. :slightly_smiling_face: We wanted to take them someplace without a long flight (it’s 3 hours from us) or a time zone change. I’ve been there a couple of times, but my husband and our moms haven’t. My husband and I used to travel internationally a fair amount pre-2020, and our moms were just starting to venture out to see the world after decades of careers and raising kids. Now that the world is opening up again, and the three puppies we had among the four of us have grown up a bit, it’s time to go exploring again!


Thank you, that’s very helpful. I added some detail yesterday about our older dog and then woke up this morning thinking maybe it was too much! So I’ve pulled it back a bit. We certainly have nothing to hide, and she is truly a super easy dog, but we don’t want anyone to get so bogged down in medical details that they lose interest in the sit! I have a medical background and have to restrain myself sometimes. :slightly_smiling_face:


We are new and have one up for 3 months away. We had one application and they didn’t respond to messages either.

It’s still quite a ways away so we aren’t too concerned. We are more interested in just finding the right fit to take care of our zoo. :relaxed:

That sounds like a wonderful trip! Enjoy every minute of it!