Only applicant has no reviews

We have a couple of sits advertised for July and October - only live since Saturday. We have only had one applicant so far and they are new to TH. They have 4 references but they are located in USA and we are in UK. I’m wondering if anyone has experience of taking a chance on a new sitter from so far away? They sound very nice and competent in their emails and we have discussed having a zoom call but I am just concerned about the distance. I am considering inviting some local sitters but not sure what to say in the message to them? I am also new to TH, only used twice before and with the same sitter each time.
Thank you for any advice

Write down all your concerns and then form a list of questions that you want to ask the potential sitter . Then a video call is a great way to ask them .
It’s not an interview but it’s a great way to find out more about your potential sitter regardless of whether they are local or coming from afar .

For example I would be asking when do you arrive in U.K. , how long are you staying , do you have other sits in U.K. lined up - why do you want to come to U.K., what do you plan to do here , are you working ?

Then when you have this information think about whether they seem like a good fit for you .

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Hi @SashyP,

Yes we have had sitters that are new from Canada, Australia and New Zealand. These were for longer sits where they were already in our area so there was a lot less to worry about. Do you know if these sitters might already be in the UK? If so, maybe that would help ease your mind. When we do shorter trips we always end up going with sitters that are more regionally located because of all the crazy travel delays and cancelations that have occurred in the past couple years. So while we have had sitters from all over, for us it heavily depends on how well we connect with them when we do a video interview. It’s hard to put into words exactly…but it’s just a gut feeling when you find sitters that just “get it” and get you. If you have that feeling and really feel that they would give the best pet care then I think it’s worth considering them or giving them the sit. We were once newbie sitters too and someone trusted us with our first sit on this platform all the way in Australia! I hope this helps!


Thank you, that is super helpful

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The sit isn’t until October so they aren’t here yet but I will ask what their travel plans are. Thanks, you have given me some great advice.

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Nearly all our sits are overseas. Our commitment is even greater than if they were local, as we’ve invested in flights and major costs to get there! As others say @SashyP , ask everything you want to, check what else they plan to do in the UK whilst they’re visiting, do a video call, trust your gut & keep in touch once you’re all confirmed. We’ve met amazing people and pets as international HOs. Best of luck :raised_hands:t3:

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I’m in a similar situation: I have two sits posted for July and have only received one applicant, but with no references and no reviews. I went ahead and reached out, but haven’t heard back. I’m a little concerned with the lack of refs/reviews, but also that I’ve had no other applicants. I did reach out to one of the interested people, but haven’t heard back yet from her either. Should I be concerned? I’m new to TH, so would appreciate any feedback on my post or confirmation that I shouldn’t worry… yet. Thanks.

I have used new sitters and been a new sitter coming from far away. One thing one of our hosts did when we applied for a sit in Botswana (I live in the US), was ask us to look up flight costs before we talked. It helped make it real for both sides.

Definitely plan the call or zoom and get to know them, have them get to know you. Helps to build the relationships upon which this whole idea works. And likely you will feel better when you experience their excitement about coming to your sit.

Many sitters are thrilled to get to be where you are. That’s what they are on this site.

Welcome and let me know if I can answer any other questions.

I’ve sat in Botswana, Australia ( many times), New Zealand (many times), Switzerland, France, Italy and the US. Good luck.


I had no reviews (and hadn’t done any sits yet) when a HO sent me an invite out of the blue months ago, for a six-week sit. She liked my profile. (She ended up splitting up the sit, because I couldn’t do its entirety.) And before that sit, I did several others, when I had either no reviews yet or had only a couple. And as it turns out, all the folks I’ve sat for have given me high marks.

There’s no guarantee you’ll get a good sitter, of course. I’d suggest asking good questions in a friendly way. Personally, I wasn’t asked rigorous questions — the HOs probably got a gut feeling. Plus, I’d shared specifics in my bio, aimed at what I thought HOs would most value knowing.

I recently did my first sit abroad, in the U.K. In that case, the HOs and I zoomed. Plus, they told me specifically what trains were available to get to their place and what airport was nearest. They shared train line and timing info and offered to pick me up at the station. Once I learned that, I checked airfares and quickly shared back what flight seemed likeliest and we confirmed the sit.

It was easy for me to explain why I wanted to do the sit: I’ve long daydreamed about living in an English village, and sitting would be great for that, because I’d step into that life and enjoy the companionship of pets.

It turned out the HOs were really lovely people and I took them to dinner out even after they’d returned and I’d moved to a hotel, so I could sightsee. (I telecommuted from their home, so I didn’t tour till after the sit.) We’ve since traded msgs and pet photos. I still miss their dog and cat, who both had quirky personalities.