Urgent Sitter Needed in Andalucia, Spain

Hi everyone. This is my first post. Please delete if not allowed - but I’m really just needing to put a ‘shout-out’, above and beyond the sit invite already posted on the site. I have a sitter booked for 2 months, from the end of August, so that I can go to the UK to care for my closest friend who is dying. She has deteriorated sooner than expected, and I need to leave Spain as soon as residency rules allow. I’m hoping to get a flight on 15th August, so I need to find someone to fill this 2-week gap.

I’m looking for someone who is already in Spain, and who would be happy to be at my gorgeous place close to Vejer de la Frontera - from August 14th to 1st September. My very old small pooch, and 2 young cats need love and food until the longer-term sitter arrives late on 31st August. Can anyone help? The sit is ‘advertised’ already on the site. Thanks Jeh


Your link doesn’t work but maybe this will? (Sorry, we’re in Canada so can’t help you out…)

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Many thanks. I should have tested it. Much appreciated.

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The link works, good luck in your search

No problem, hope you find a sitter asap!

Thank you :crossed_fingers:

Hi @jeh I’m so very sorry to hear of your situation and emergency, I’m going to DM you to see how we can further help.