Pre Holiday feeler Spain. February-March

Hi everyone. I thought I’d send out a feeler as times are still a little strange with covid.
We’re hoping to visit our daughter and her new baby on February 16-11th March. As it is the borders to Queensland are still closed but by then the government have said that parents of residents will hopefully be able to go without quarantine in a facility.
We live in the Alicante area of Spain in a little mountain village. We have 3 dogs, 3 chickens and 1 duck.
We haven’t booked yet but will be as soon as we have confirmation from the Australian government. Is anyone
Provisionally interested?

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Hi @MichelleK welcome to our community forum and how wonderful a new grandchild I’m sure you are desperate to get to visit your daughter. The best way to get applications for your sit is through the site of course, this is where sitters always look first and you can post with provisional dates and explain in the listing what the situation is.

There are sitter members here on the forum of course however always default to the website for optimum exposure and communication.

We hope you get your travel wishes soon and can start to find your sitters, Spain is really popular with members. Good luck.

Angela and the Team