Holiday 2024- 2025 - Location/Pet Sitting Recommendations!

Hello THS friends!
I may be too early to be posting for assistance, but as they say, “time does fly by!”
So, I’m reaching out to all of you for assistance and recommendations.
In advance… I’m very much greatful and thankful for those who reply to this thread!
What I’m seeking in assistance and recommendations are the 2 following…
#1…I am coming to Ireland October 13 - Nov 13.
First time in Ireland everything! (…plus Nov is my bday month, wink, wink)
I would like to mix pet sitting and sight seeing together! What cities in Ireland do you recommend? If i have to prioritize preferences, 1. mountain/country 2. Beach/ coastal 3. City

#2…I am coming to Spain Nov 13 - January 13.
Again, first time in Spain everything!
Same as above… what cities in Spain do you recommend? I’ll be there for the holidays and new year, so I’d love to see that side of Spain!

Again, thank you all in advance for your replies!
If anybody lives in these countries or will also be visiting during those months…I’d love to meet up as well!

I look forward to your replies!!

Besos y Abrazos
Sláinte is Táinte
Dalena :kiss::beers:

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Dublin has mountains and several beaches, while being a city! Halloween there is usually a great time and quite fun. Spain around the holidays is probably Madrid that does it best. Fireworks, beautiful decorations everywhere, festive vibes. But if you like the beach, the Costa del sol is a great place to be. Granada is gorgeous, very hot in summer and cold in winter, so you’ll be there at a chilly time :joy:. Both countries are very fun but I’d just say to be careful with Irish homes: make sure they have heat and you can use it because there’s nothing worst than a cold and damp rainy November day with heating restrictions and and an old damp house. Spain can be cold too in the winter but nothing like Ireland.

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Weather wise the months you’ve chosen aren’t the greatest times for either country but, if cold and rain doesn’t bother you then no problem. I spent an academic year in Seville and it was pretty chilly during December and January. @Nadia111 has recommended Madrid and Granada, I’d also recommend Barcelona and Seville. So many beautiful places in both Ireland and Spain but you might be guided by the locations of sits.
Good luck!

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Barcelona! And see as much of Gaudi’s architecture as you can. Take a side trip to Montserrat, a monastery in a spectacular setting. You’ll take a cable car up. I also loved Toledo, the center of three religions. While you’re there, consider buying some Toledoware – beautiful artifacts of inlaid gold.


Hello! hope you are doing well :grinning : I was thinking about what if you gave it a shot to India :star: A really amazing country rich with culture and history. I will suggest like how about making your holiday plans for 2024-2025 extra special in the beautiful land of Goa, India? Picture yourself on sun-soaked beaches :surfing_man: , soaking in the vibrant culture, and don’t miss out on the newest attraction in Goa – the “Floating Gardens of Palolem” – a magical blend of nature and creativity right on Palolem Beach. It’s the perfect spot for a unique and unforgettable getaway, promising relaxation and discovery in the heart of Goa’s coastal charm :sparkling_heart:

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