Meetup Dublin(Dec-Jan) & Malmö(Jan-March)

Hi everybody,

anyone in Dublin (10.12.23-14.01.24) or in Malmö (18.01-14.03.24)?

Would be nice to meet some other pet sitters or even pet owners :slight_smile:

I’ll be in Dublin just for fun for a cat sitting and in Malmö for another cat sitting as I am learning Swedish.

Cheers, Christin


I’ll be in Greystones from December 23 to December 28 for a dog sit. Happy to meet up if you’d like to take the train to Greystones some time. It’s a scenic ride along the sea, about an hour or less from Dublin.


Hi Andrea,

sounds good. I was planning to do the Bray - Greystone walk anyway.
Aynway, Greystone is on my list. :slight_smile: Lets keep in touch and lets talk again in December.
Greetings from Waterford

Great! I am learning Swedish too by the way :slight_smile: