Meetup in Ireland August, September (Possibly October)

Hello animal lovers in Ireland!
I’d love to organise a meetup if some of you are interested? I am a pet sitter currently living in Dublin, but sometimes I am in other places for… yes, pet sitting!
I will be in Ireland between August 23 and September 7 and it would be great to meet some of you - other pet sitters, pet owners or perhaps sitters currently visiting Ireland.
Let me know if you’re interested!

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If your stay in Ireland gets extended, I would love to meet. I will be there from Sept 12-Oct 23, mainly in Dundalk and Dublin

Sure!! I’ll be around from September 23 until about October 5. Would love to meet :slight_smile:

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I’ll be in Ireland the first week of October, but in the West. Let me know if something is arranged though, I might be able to swing it!

I’d love to come to the West but timing might be tight.
What would be a good meeting place for people? Dublin? Galway? Other suggestions? :slight_smile:

I’m in western Ireland but I don’t drive. If any meetups happen in Limerick, Galway, Shannon, Ennis, or thereabouts, let me know… :slightly_smiling_face:

@andrealovesanimals - can you change the header on this post so it says “…Sept-Oct?” if that is the plan? That might attract more people.

@Lindsay @owlcat - can you take public transport to somewhere central, maybe Athlone? It seems that 2 of us are on the east coast and 2 on the west.

Yes, public transportation friendly location would definitely work… (:slightly_smiling_face:

@Lassie I might be able to go somewhere more central, I think I’ll have a vehicle. Just not sure of our plans yet so can’t fully commit to anything yet!

We’ve done two repeat house sits in Dublin prior to COVID which were terrific. The couple asked us to return this June but we couldn’t make it but on the lookout for a sit in October. I’m from Dublin originally and love my hometown city - it’s only been over 60 years since emigrating to Canada! I’ll keep an eye out for future sitter meetups there!

Sounds wonderful, I am so happy about all the responses!
I have transport, so any location is fine really. Athlone is a nice town.
Would most people prefer early October then? Is anyone free at the end of August or beginning of September?