Anyone in Ireland?

Hey it would be great to meet some fellow pet lovers here . Anyone interested in meeting up in Dublin?

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I’ll be in Ireland from May 18-June 9, visiting family. I am from Ireland (Dundalk) and now live in Texas.

I’m on the lookout for a sit in Dublin. I’m originally from Dublin and have done two sits there which were great! My husband and I were having dinner in a local pub one night and met a fellow sitter from THS purely by coincidence! Would love to meet up if I find a sit!

I’m looking for a sit in Dublin during my stay also. There aren’t many that suit - either wrong dates, too far from city centre, or otherwise unappealing :frowning:

We sat for the same couple twice and it was very central. Hopefully some will come up as we approach the summer - good luck!

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I live in Ireland, feel free to send me a private message. Happy to meet up!

When are you in Dublin?

Sorry for the late reply. Yes it would be great to meet up if anyone is in Dublin over the next few weeks

I am not in Dublin but I’ll be in Greystones July 8 to July 16. It’s an easy train ride from Dublin and very beautiful. If anybody is interested I’m happy to meet up there.
I don’t want to travel to Dublin though.

I left Ireland on June 20. Maybe next time…!