An odd way of seeing a HO’s opinion of you

I’ve recently discovered that a HO who hadn’t left me a review has since written on subsequent sitters’ reviews that they had a very negative experience with me, totally unbeknownst to me.

They described that their pet seemed very timid and anxious when they came home and pretty much accused me of having most likely scared him. This HO doesn’t seem to consider that the pet had been under the weather for a few days and that it had been left with a friend of theirs when I had to leave as they decided to prolong their vacation the day before my agreed-upon leaving date.

I’m also under the impression that they probably monitored my comings and goings thru their front door camera, saying that I was leaving the pet at home by himself too long, when in reality I was always mindful of the time.

It’s frustrating to see that instead of addressing these concerns with me privately and directly, thus getting the correct info and the most likely much needed peace of mind, they preferred to do that with a third party in their review to them.

Passive aggressive much?

I had a painfully awful house sit (second housesit) with someone who left their house incredibly untidy the second time around, left a bicycle in the doorway of their unit and compared to previous housesit, didn’t leave goodies or anything that is a staple, everything was off in the fridge. When they returned, they were happy with the condition of the place (of course, i spent heaps of time cleaning it and attending to dirty items in sink and laundry, in between looking after the pets).
I get a text message a few months later asking me about something they noticed on their balcony and asked if I had anything to do with it. Nope. I didn’t go outside, afraid of their pets running off. Seriously, to have only discovered the balcony and untidiness there; after many months really shows their cleaning standards!

I really should of written feedback and addressed this; but noticed they didn’t give any feedback for me probably for fear of negativity in return but I think I need to be honest and help others out. I am sorry you had to find out through other feedback. I think I need to sort stuff out and not let it pass anymore with housesits.