What would you do if last 4-5 sitters didn't review!?

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Nothing seems out of the ordinary or weird, except for that the last 4-5 sitters didn’t leave any reviews :face_exhaling:

There are several older reviews but nothing for the last 5 sitters, who have otherwise appeared to both earned other reviews, and also left reviews for other homeowners.

Would you even consider the sit? Would you ask the HO to ask a previous sitter to post a review?

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I would ask the HO about the lack of reviews. Maybe the sit was cancelled (although 5 cancelled sits is a lot). Maybe the sits were very recent and the sitter hasn’t got around to reviewing. If possible, I would contact the most recent sitter(s) and ask.

Oh?! I would. How does one sitter contact another?

I don’t want to confront the guy about possible bad reviews. 5 is toooooo many to be a coincidence, and that’s a long streak of lazy sitters who can’t be bothered to review.

@MissChef Definitely a red flag. Did the current HO review the latest sitters? I recently talked to a HO who was a chasing for almost a month a sitter who didn’t leave her a review. The sitter was driving from Maine to Alaska, but finally left a review.

I’m a HO and a sitter, and when I visit a sitter’s profile, there is an “Invite sitter” button. That can start a conversation. Maybe you don’t have that option of you are “just” a sitter.

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yeah, I’ve done the beg-for-a-review thing (embarrassed to admit) because I didn’t want to be the one with a review-less sit. Poor girl just got a new job and was stressed out, but she eventually did it.

yep, i’m “just” a sitter.

I’ve noticed quite a trend lately of sitters not leaving reviews for numerous sits but then if you go back years there are some excellent ones so it is a little strange.
Not sure if people on both sides are not realizing the importance of them and quite often the home owners have given the sitter a great review and the sitters have not left one.

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@Kootenaigirl - as a sitter, 1 issue I’ve faced is having a difficult time with very young, high-energy, and large dogs that were a handful and loved getting into trouble and making messes and how do you write a review that won’t scare off other sitters (and upset the HO) but yet be tactful/honest…
Trying to figure out how to write up a review for this situation had me keep postponing it and putting it off… but I did write a review…
I’ll have to check the forum to see if other sitters have run into this problem when it comes to writing a review…



Fear of making an honest ‘negative’ review

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MichaelinVA02, I think you did a great job in your reviews of mentioning the behaviours but in a very tactful manner.

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Please reach out personally. I just posted on another thread–after much reflection–about an experience we had with a sitter which was quite a learning experience for both of us and we didn’t feel needed to be “outed” on THS.

I use airbnb quite frequently, and understand most owners really value the feedback guests give personally so they can improve before our experiences are public. I like to think that the TH community is the same. When issues arise, we (ideally) communicate early and frequently.

More specifically, as a HO, I have to specifically request feedback. I have had the same sitter the last four times, so didn’t want to burn her out by asking for feedback and I probably would have run out of superlatives for her!

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For the person that I had to “enthusiastically” remind, I did mention that not getting a review makes it look like “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything” and that I understand that some homeowners could look at a sitter that didn’t get a review and how might fall under that category.

Once I said it that way, she was totally cool about it and said she understood.

@Kootenaigirl - thanks for the compliment! I don’t want to be dishonest and give a false picture but I also want to make sure I don’t upset the HO. I do understand some owners are not able for multiple reasons to train their dog(s) or to bring in a trainer for behavioral training and thus us sitters have to deal with these dogs. And after almost 13 years of house and pet sitting, I do realize that very young dogs (especially large dogs) are going to be a handful if they haven’t had any behavioral training or proper training by the owner. The problem comes when you have to leave a review for dogs that were more than a handful…


I’m a HO. If I was a sitter and I saw that the last 4-5 sitters didn’t review, I would pass on the sit. It’s just a red flag to me. I would move on. If it was 2, I would have a conversation about it with the HO…But 4-5?! That’s a no for me

If the sit seemed really good, I might ask them in the initial chat. I might say something like, “I noticed you’ve had a lot of sitters in the past, but I’m wondering how those experiences were for you.” How they respond will tell me everything I need to know. Defensive? Pass. Angry? Pass. Open to discussing possible pitfalls, miscommunications, etc? I might be open to giving it a try. I know for me as a sitter, I’ve asked HOs to leave reviews and they never have, but one did invite me back later, so they obviously were happy with me? Sometimes it’s just that they don’t get around to it.

If you check on the app, it gives a bit more information. You can see all previous sitters by swiping left or right, and if no feedback has been left you see the sitters name and a blank section below.

There are a still a few differences between the app and the web site, but it is improving.


Now I found by clicking on the sitter, you will many times find a review

One thing I have noticed is when i see past sitters there are no reviews for some of them which causes me to question the HO as not keeping their end of the deal. It’s the only thing we ask of them for the sit. But now that you can tap on the sitter, I have noticed that there is a review from the HO. I guess its just a glitch. Some sitters are inactive so you cant check, but it is just another way to put your mind at ease when considering a HO.

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