And Then THiS Happened

A few days ago I received a notification that an airline had rerouted me to another city that is 6 hours away from my destination. Apparently for unknown reasons, the airline has suspended servicing the intended city.
This was a personal month long holiday to South America I have been planning for nearly 6 months. All my expenses as yet are non-refundable but I am negotiating. Meanwhile, I made the decision to stay in my own country with everything still going on.

Yesterday morning I found and applied for a month long sit on the exact dates of my holiday. Almost instantly I received a reply. We communicated several times throughout the day through the THS messaging system asking each other questions and discussing logistics of all the necessary details required to make it work for for all of us, host, sitter and pets. Our communication was very thorough, open and honest.
Last night THiS happened.

My South American holiday has turned into a remote retreat in the mountains with A LOT of chickens, (chooks) and a sweet persian kitty.

Thank you THS


Hi Amparo

I am so pleased for you!:clinking_glasses::grinning:. You deserve it.

Have a great time

Caroline xx


Thank you! I am so excited. I have been a member since 2018 and my experiences have been extraordinary.
I just wanted to share my excitement! :star_struck:


Fantastic. There’s always something after the rain. That’s why the world is so lush. I hope you enjoy.


YES! There is always sunshine.
Thank you @ElsieDownie.

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Congrats! I’m glad that everything worked out!


Sweet, funny how things work out!

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Congratulations! A silver lining! :slight_smile:

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Great stuff!

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Very pretty sentiment!

So glad it worked out. Enjoy!

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Brilliant it all worked out in the end - maybe there is a God out there somewhere!

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