Life, the greatest adventure

Just a general update for fun as I sit here in Atlanta airport in the lounge with a very happy belly and equally satisfied grin.
After spending 5 glorious nights with my family I am awaiting my next flight that will take me to Sao Paolo, Brazil where I will connect tomorrow for Uruguay.
My suitcase that was lost enroute from London Heathrow to the USA was never recovered. It is now over 60 days and claims have been filed with airline, credit card and travel insurance company. Still an open case…
With a new suitcase and well pretty much everything new, checked in this morning and once again got rerouted :smile: just got notified that my suitcase is here and uploaded to the new flight. Yes I am traveling with the same airline and they are being very good to me.
My first sit is next week and we are meeting for tea the day before and a live “welcome tour”.
Yesterday I get a mssg from my other pet parents that I will be sitting for over Christmas and the New Year holiday. They insist on meeting me at the airport for my arrival tomorrow!
She says,”we are more than thrilled to come and welcome you to our country and happy to take you to your new home”.

I am moved every single day by the beautiful people who continue to grace my life with their kindness.

Thank you


Hope you have a wonderful time housesitting and discovering Uruguay :woman_fairy::sparkles::blush:


@Amparo Sorry about your suitcase. But yes this sitting lifestyle is fantastic. I’ve met some great fur babies and some super interesting pet parents. I’ve seen some really interesting places in just the 6 months since I joined THS.
Anyway happy travels and here’s to more exciting sits.


@Amparo what a great story and great connections you are making with new friends. This is what is all about. I am so proud to be a part of this community and look forward to all our new adventures as well.

Enjoy your trip, hold onto that luggage (lol) and have a wonderful visit with your new friends…both human and furry!


@Amparo how fun! Enjoy, I know you’ve been very much looking forward to South America.

We are also pinching ourselves the last few days. We were visiting our family in South Africa and attended my niece’s wedding. Then we housesat for them while they went on honeymoon. Then, as a small break for us, we booked in for a 3-day Safari-tour, all inclusive. Wow-eee, that was fun!
Then we rushed to the airport to fly back to Bordeaux where our car patiently waited in the long term parking area. Lunch in Biarritz, first time there, beautiful. Then drove on to San Sebastian in Northern Spain where we are staying for a few days, enjoying (too) many Pintxos - that is the local tapas, before I start walking part of the Camino del Norte, while hubby picks up a camper van close to Portugal and comes back to collect me somewhere along the route. We then have a housesit lined up close to the Spain/Portugal border at the end of my Camino time…hard to beat all of this! And yet most nomads will understand this and not flinch. Whereas most other people will get very excited, until they realise it’s a ‘bit disruptive’ to their daily routines :grin:


Thank you for sharing @Amparo

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

Safe and happy travels and may your suitcase connect with you at your new destination :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Amparo @botvot
I absolutely love both your stories! We too our loving our housesitting adventures around the world! :star_struck:


So sorry to hear you never got your suitcase back. I hope that everything in it was old so that buying new stuff has been a treat…
As usual, you’re being positive so it’s no wonder people want to welcome you with open arms.
Enjoy your next sits and keep posting updates and photos please :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Adventures around every corner @Amparo
Enjoy the joy in each new moment, and just keep smiling :blush:


Quick update but first many thanks to everyone.
Currently WiFi is down , using my landlady’s line at the moment.
It was a very long but uneventful trip. Very smooth process through immigration and arrival. My suitcase made it even though I did have one flight change.
My pet parents are incredibly kind as is everyone I have met so far.
First day walk after a nap.

And view from above
Stay well and yes, be kind. :sparkles::raised_hands: