You learn as you go, as long as you go

It doesn’t fit anywhere else so here you go.

I met them five years ago, when I was just about 5-6 months into full time sitting. Then it was another country, another continent. I went on my way to numerous other countries, homes from rustic to luxurious, meeting people for brief one time periods and others who now I love dearly. Every face, every animal with a special spot in my mind and heart.
Through the years I have sat for them numerous times and today here we are in a new home, a new country, a new continent all starting a new chapter in the story of our lives.
It has been an incredible last few days as we have enjoyed spending time together catching with not only recent events but planning,
Sharing how we are all adapting and creating the newest and latest pages of our adventure book.
Every day now I feel like I slipped into a postcard, a wallpaper image or a reel that is, well real.
Be bold, be courageous.
Trust in yourself. Listen to what you are saying to yourself more than what others are saying.
Experiment. Test. Try new things until you find that spot that feels just right.
You learn as you go as long as you go.

new adoption is a cuddle ball. Wonderful to be here with my adorable girls and wonderful friends.


Your posts make me feel as though I am right there with you. You have such a talent!


Dear @Amparo
If I ever felt depressed or was on my death bed, you would be one helluva person to cheer me up!


What a lovely thing to say. Thank you @Smiley I’m here for you.

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Soo beautiful.


It looks and sounds like an amazing sit @Amparo. Are you still in Uruguay?

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When it comes from the heart of @Amparo it fits any and everywhere. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


And I’m here for you too. Still got your wings?


Thank you @Angela-HeadOfCommunity. I knew you’d find the right home for it.
I am ever so grateful for THS and the community of incredible humans and animals that have enhanced this life.

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:grin: gone to the abyss of lost luggage.

That’s the beauty of it! Not a sit this tîme, just a lovely couple of days with the folks and animals see their new home
As for me, Uruguay is my home base now. Guess that makes me an expat… Still doing sits but not full time. I will sit for them in June for 3 weeks.