Gratitude for Home & Pet Sitting Lifestyle

Many of us are full timers, travelers, wanderers who are not lost or broke but choose this lifestyle as a way of living.
Share moments when you’ve felt grateful for choosing the home and pet sitting lifestyle.

I have a gazillion and will start in the thread.


One of my favorite moments is when I get the “yes, I can” moment.
It’s that moment when you realize you can really do something you once felt you couldn’t.
Such as spend a week at dream place or when a HO throws you the keys to one of your favorite vehicles!
I learned how to kayak from a HO, now dear friend! My closest and dearest friends are people I met while pet sitting.
I also lost my allergies to dogs!


I travelled a bit in the ’90s with friends, but mostly to English speaking countries, or popular holiday destinations, so there was really no problem with language or culture.

When I started house sitting that all changed.

For a start, I was on my own, and although I have found a lot of people do speak a bit of English, it’s not been quite the same in SE Asia.

I left the relative safety of Singapore in June 2017 and headed off to Bangkok for 6 weeks, with only an address on a bit of paper – my friends and family thought I was mad!

From Bangkok, I flew directly to HCMC in Vietnam for a month – again with only an address on a bit of paper, which the non-English speaking Taxi driver just looked at and smiled. He didn’t have a clue.

But the experiences have been so good.

Travelling to Vietnam, which is a communist country, was a bit worrying, but turned out to be so good I have now been back several times, including 2 more house sits.

Gradually my confidence has grown and I arrive at a house sit ready for anything. Across the 7 countries I have travelled to in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hongkong, Japan, Thailand) I have met some wonderful people, made many friends, and can’t wait to get going again – unfortunately, it looks like this region may be locked down for a while yet.

If you are nice to people they are, normally, nice back, no matter what religion, culture, political ideals.


Yes! Beautiful @Petermac!
Asia is on my horizon as well.
It’s so wonderful to explore and discover new people and places.
But the best part is when you discover we are not so different, only on the surface and the things we share enriches all of us.

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I’m just grateful for all the wonderful places I was/am able to call home for a while, thanks to house sitting. Places I might never have visited otherwise!
Also grateful for the skills I picked up along the way, like cleaning pools or looking after a garden.
And needless to say very grateful for the bond we created with all of the furry friends we looked after!


It’s super fun to actually have more pets than one ever imagined isn’t it?
Learning is a huge bonus too!
Enjoy @Els! Where are you off to next?

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Finishing a sit in the Dordogne, France, next week for another short one in the same area. What about you?

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My family and friends were nervously supportive when I took off for Central America in 2017. I know enough Spanish to stumble my way through most conversations, but I think your experience in Asia was much more challenging. When we shake off the fear or hesitation and do it anyway, we open ourselves up to the fullness of life!


HA! So true! I can add cleaning pools, monitoring solar systems and water cisterns to my skillset!!

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That sounds lovely.
I am on a sit in Jacksonville, Florida and from here I go to a 3 month sit in Minnesota, USA @Els. Two cats, gorgeous home by the lake will be a great place to be for the Fall.

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What a wonderful adventure @TheSaviSitter!
I do love the relationships I have formed with the people I have met. My first South Carolina sit was with 5 cats, one which needed subcutaneous fluid boluses. When I arrived there were also two very large dogs!
Those dogs were and are, two of the most well behaved dogs I have ever met. The couple, an English fellow and his Brazilian wife, are two of my dearest friends now. I sit for them 2-3 times a year now.
Thank for sharing your story.
Travel well !


What a wonderful chain of events indeed!!


So many stories and we all have them … another one for the our Member’s Story request @TheSaviSitter?


I am grateful for meeting some fantastic animals and people and being able to explore parts of the world that otherwise I wouldn’t have.
Even this year has been good, exploring our home area in the south of England, seeing new villages, familiar scenery from a different angle. Being able to stay in beautiful places that otherwise we would just have driven through and finding all the hidden walking tracks around the South Downs. It hasn’t been as exciting as some years but it has been good.


Next weekend I begin my F O U R T H return house sit (yes, 4th!!!) at a lovely house just south of the Thames, London. It’s great to be invited back this many times. It was my very first house sit for the family and doggy three years ago and we have kept in touch.
Similarly, the Florida house sit I did in July 2019 has invited be back yet again for next July 2022. She has invited me throughout the pandemic but as a Brit, of course I still cannot cross the pond.
The July 2022 sit will be for 6 weeks: a great way to begin retirement!


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