Share your travel experiences made possible because of house sitting

What are some of your standout moments between sit vacations, trips, adventures and experiences? And what’s been made possible for our owners?

I don’t know about you all, but with our travel plans curbed over the last year, we’ve spent long evenings discussing and reflecting on some of the amazing experiences we’ve had around the world, made possible because of house sitting (along with some positive and hopeful planning for the future!!).

We keep to local explorations on our house sits when the pets become our main focus, but we’ve had some stand-out experiences before and after our sits… chartering our first boat as skippers in the Caribbean after house sitting in St Vincent, a night out on the salt pans in Botswana, epic roadtrips in the US and Australia, just for starters.

But not just big bucket list items… also those special moments meeting people, sharing a meal with strangers after connecting in a cafe, helping at an orphanage in India, taking a stray dog for a happy walk in Mexico … just so many special times.

Would love to hear about some of the awesome adventures and special travel moments to inspire us all this weekend! A reminder of what’s possible… and maybe… just around the corner.

This picture was made possible through the amazing generosity of neighbors on our sit in Africa who were creating an elephant conservation and education project. They took us for a weekend to experience this upclose and personal time with these gentle giants.


I think our South Africa experience tops the lot - staying in a private bush camp next to Kruger. But we’ve had so many lovely moments and beautiful animals that we’ve had the privilege of looking after. 9 months living in the Dordogne on a chateau’s estate was also pretty awesome.
The funniest was when we were in the Cotswolds, staying in a chocolate box image thatched cottage and we needed to trim one of the 40 sheep’s hooves. My husband, Lars, finally caught the sheep but ended up on his back with the sheep on top, I trimmed the hoof in fits of laughter… I’m sure we’ll have many more memorble moments:)
We’re moving to Scotland for 8 months in a few weeks so hope to do some Scottish sits and explore the area.


There’s something certainly very special and unique about the wildness of Africa - I sometimes have had to pinch myself, because like you not only do we get to have the most amazing “between sit” adventures, our house sits can be very special too. That sounds a brave thing to do trimming sheep hooves! Well done for achieving that with humour!!

How fortunate you are to spend so long in Scotland house sitting and exploring through summer… look forward to seeing more about your time there!



I have been lucky enough to do about 10 sits in Singapore, but also between travels I was based there on and off for 3 years.

I think I have been in and out of Changi about 30 times – that’s the Airport, not the prison!

Sometimes it has been a bit of a rush, land from Bali, 24 hours later fly to Hongkong, but I have also had several long periods in the city-state and really love it.

2 or 3 weeks at a time, just getting up in the morning, and walking, or getting on a train to another part of the Island.

I think there are something like 120 different “towns” or districts, dozens if not hundreds of parks, miles and miles of walks, park connectors, cycle Paths.

And the food is amazing, I think I may have mentioned this before! The selection is incredible, mixing all of the SE Asian cultures.

There is so much more to Singapore than just the City, financial district, Waterfront, Orchard Road, Marina Bay.

I was stuck in Singapore for almost 3 months last year during lockdown/circuit breaker and even though there were and still are restrictions, it was still possible to get out and explore.

So if it hadn’t been for Pet sitting, I may have been just another tourist who has been to Singapore – for a weekend and missed out on so much.


I agree @Petermac., Singapore is much more than the city.

We lived there for over 12 months but I will always remember my first visit, it was an enforced medical emergency trip from Bombay (Mumbai) where we were living. Arriving in Changi (Airport) I thought I had died and gone to heaven … surgically clean compared to Bombay, I am OCD clean and tidy. I was asked if I wanted to go browsing along the boutiques of Orchard Road, actually no, I would like to go to a supermarket … my bags were laden on the return journey, we ate well that month.


My husband and I started with THS in 2017 when we decided we wanted to travel for a year.
We rented out our home and went to Europe. We pet sat 13 times that year. We met so many great hosts who are still our friends and some that have visited us here in the States. It was such a great way to experience new countries!
This year we decided to AirBnB our home and take a 4 month long road trip to the west, west coast and northwest USA. We are now 1 month into the trip and are currently in our 5th sit in Salt Lake City! We could not have done this trip without THS! Everyone we talk with here out on the road is amazed that we pet sit around the country. It really is the best way to travel!


Amazing @PetTrippin what an inspiration … where was your starting point and have you tripped the PNW before? It is an amazing part of the world and love that your are not just driving but sitting across to the west coast.

Thank you we are so glad we are a part of your 4 month adventure and that you have been part of our community since 2017.

Keep us updated in the Travel Section… Safe travels and happy pet sitting

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There are 3 trips in between sits made possible because of this chosen lifestyle.
My ancestral heritage dates back to Spain, which I was able to visit twice on my own. One in Barcelona, actually ended doing a sit there on a separate occasion. It was such a thrill when I arrived and the custom agent addressed me as Amparito which is my name as a term of endearment, and how my father referred to me.
The second adventure in between was a 10 day Mediterranean cruise. I had the time, I was in the right place and it was one for the book. Met incredible people from all over the world. Spent a week in Italy and a week in Greece before and after the cruise!
The third was one of those carpe diem moments, you know when opportunity knocks? I had two long sits booked in Australia, I was in the UK looking at flights and saw how easy it was to stop in Bali. I ended up staying 2 months in Bali. Never made it to Australia due some mass uncovered sneezing happening worldwide. But I’ll get there.

Tenerife, Spain

Enjoy the journey!

Oops Bali is amazing!


Ah Bali… I have been lucky enough to do 5 sits there between 2018 and 2019 so have spent 6 months on the island. Can’t wait to get back. There is a really special Bali sit listed just now - unfortunately only available to people already there! Soon…


Wow, how abs fab @Petermac
If the embassy hadn’t “encouraged” me to leave I would still be there as they are still locked down! Over a year now…
Def would go back.