We Want Your Tails ... Oops Sorry TALES!

We know our community is full of happy tales - we often hear about owners and sitters who became friends after meeting through a sit, or how through house sitting they were finally able to reconnect with friends/family abroad in the knowledge their pets are safe and happy at home.

So, we wanted to find out - do you have an interesting or heartwarming story to share from a sit? Ever made a friendship through a sit, or perhaps your pet has ‘hosted’ lots of sitters - let’s not forget about the story of Milo, who made the local press headlines after **racking up an international fanbase

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I’ll begin

In 2013 I went to LA to meet and sit a little Shih tzu x for the first time, “Make sure you stop by the house to “introduce” yourselves” Eileen’s plea to her neighbours, I was her first sitter and (understandably)she was a little nervous.

She was leaving for 3 wks in Israel, I was coming from my home in Vancouver :canada: it was the first time she’d left Stella.

I returned to sit Stella many times and visit as family. We shared that little girl’s love during her life and when Eileen lost her, all too soon, we were able to connect in a way only someone who has shared a pet, like their own can.

It was such a comfort to Eileen, to us both.

When I fly into LA who is waiting for me at the airport? Eileen. I am a fully fledge member of the Cohen - Swartz family all because of a little dog called Stella

I could write reams about our friendship and our future hopes and plans but I’m sure you didn’t sit down to read a book.

Share your happy house sit tales below


Why do we want your story?

TrustedHousesitters is a unique and very special community, we know that with much certainty and the very best voices to relate the true authenticity of our pet loving community are you, our members.

It’s your stories which motivate, captivate and inspire others to join our community and it’s your stories that give our team a sense of pride and feeling of reward for helping members like you, owners and sitters alike, to live and enjoy a lifestyle full of pets, people and places .

Sharing stories is one of the most authentic ways to help create more opportunities for our human members and ultimately keep even more pets safe and happy at home …

We’ll even help you write them …
well our talented and creative Content Manager Danielle will :blush:

Thank you


I’m not sure if this is the kind of thing you are looking for, but I will tell the tale anyway.

The very first sit I was accepted for was in Bangkok, June 2017. It ended up being my second sit, as I then applied for another in Bangkok with dates the week before, which I got, then was asked to do a whole month by the 2nd owner, so ended up in Bangkok for 6 weeks. Confused yet?

Anyway, the middle sit, my 2nd sit for 1st owner, was in a gated community on the outskirts of the city.

It had a large lake in the middle, which was ideal for walking the dog, a circuit twice a day. There was a supermarket, tennis, golf, swimming pool, and just beyond the gates were loads of food stalls, coffee shops, restaurants – so I didn’t need to go far that week, just local.

There were 2 cats and a dog, really easy to look after. The HO were school teachers at the English language school locally, and all the Neighbours were the same, so when I was there, it was very quiet – everyone was away for the summer. After a week I headed back in to the city to do what was then my 3rd sit, for a month.

Fast forward 2 years and I am on a month-long sit in Phuket with 4 dogs (and a sparrow)

Sitting on the beach at sunset one evening I noticed a wee white dog heading along the beach, playing in the waves. There are a lot of beach dogs in Thailand, most have owners, somewhere, but just roam the beach all day before heading home, but there was something about this dog, looked familiar.

Then I noticed the lady following the dog, and I realized it was the wee dog from Bangkok!

500 miles away in Phuket.

The owners had changed schools from Bangkok to Phuket, and had a house off the beach, just across the road from where I was doing my sit.

Small world… :grinning:


Love it @Petermac and yes it’s exactly the sot of thing we are looking for …

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I have stories that will make some cry, some will laugh, some will be shocked and some will grab their bag and start their own history (or her story!

Stay tuned be right back!

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Running Across The World!

The UK has been my #1 place to visit for many years. When the opportunity to visit again as home and pet sitter presented itself I was intrigued how it would work out.
It wasn’t long before I found a woman who was looking for someone to care for her two cats while she traveled to America. We did a video call and hit it off right away. We laughed a great deal as she asked me questions about my upcoming trip, my plans, and the fact that I had none.
She and her wife were very experienced travelers but had only ever used friends and family to mind their pets so they were excited about the possibilities to travel even more using THS. They both had high level stressful careers and had a series of trips already lined up.
On the day of my arrival, N picked me up a the train station and pointed out places of interest on the drive to the home. We spent the rest of the day socializing, getting oriented to home, pets, neighborhood. We went out to dinner at a lovely Indian restaurant down the street, they gifted me with a loaded up travel card, drank wine and shared fascinating stories.
It was then I learned the purpose of their trip. They were both marathon runners and were headed to the Boston Marathon where N would become a 6 star finisher! N is one of only 200 or so women in the UK to ever achieve that accolade and only 1200 worldwide.
She continues to run majors, minors anywhere she can. Her wife finished her first major in London year before last. I sat for them then too and many other times since. They are incredibly Inspiring, leaders, professionally and in their everyday life.
It’s a special treat to see people do the things they dream of.

Meanwhile I cater to the Queen.

We are still friends and looking forward to the next adventure.


Wonderful story @Amparo, thank you. That is what is so special about our community, learning about and from one another, being inspired, educated and often surprised …

“The Best Things Happen Unexpectedly”

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Thank you @Angela-CommunityManager my experiences as a sitter have been extremely educational, inspiring, and even have felt magical. It’s the best thing I have ever done, never boring. I am a better person because of this.
More to come…

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An example of why I’m so grateful for the lifestyle and experiences of house and pet sitting is a serendipitous chain of events that started with just one housesit.

Back in 2018, I returned to the States after spending 6 months housesitting in Panama and Costa Rica. I decided to slow travel by train and bus, making my way back to Chicago, so I flew to Atlanta, spent some time with friends and searched THS for housesits. I had never been to South Carolina, so I applied for a two-week housesit there. I didn’t have recent horse care experience, but the HO took a chance on me. I cared for 4 gorgeous horses, 3 cats and 4 active dogs and it is still one of the best experiences in my housesit adventures. She and I hit it off because we had so much in common, so it was natural to stay in touch. In 2019, when the caretakers of her property in Antigua had to return home to the States unexpectedly, she called me and asked if I could take care of the house until it sold. She paid for my travel round trip to the island, and I spent 4 wonderful months in a gorgeous house perched on the side of a mountain overlooking the ocean , in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited.

I spent a month in SC last summer helping and supporting as she packed up her mom’s home and moved her into assisted living. I invited her to my son’s wedding last fall (which we had to postpone because of you-know-what), and I’m on the guestlist for her daughter’s wedding next year. We talk at least once or twice a week and I consider her one of my closest friends and confidants.

All because I decided to take a chance and apply for a housesit at a small horse farm in South Carolina.