Application declined without a message

I have had two HO do that to me already. One was a high flying doctor without any courtesy. The other just withdrew the whole sit. They could have said something it takes a second. But I have had lots of other lovely people that communicate effectively. I know I am a good choice and whoever gets me is lucky to care for their pets.


I totally get it, happens to us too (not often)but I wish they would at least acknowledge our application when declining, we’ve taken the time to carefully craft a message as you say.

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I don’t expect sitters to reply to my decline message, but I’ve noticed that most of them do.

It does happen, so don’t take it personally. One of the houses w/ a dog that did that to me, … I wasn’t too surprised… but I find myself uninterested in applying again for future dates. It doesn’t take much for a busy person to say, " thank you for your application", and it is polite. Who knows, you may bump into them again, somewhere, some of them, at least…

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