Sitter applied but not responding to messages

Hi all. I’ve had a sitter apply for 2 short sits approximately a month apart without any message so I’ve contacted them twice and the messages are being read but not responded to. The sitter has good reviews but unsure why they wouldn’t respond to my messages to find out if they meant to apply for the 2 sets of dates and if they are happy I will confirm the sit.

I personally don’t feel comfortable confirming the sit without any contact - what would you do please?

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I’d pass on such a sitter. If they’re rude and uncommunicative now, you’d run risks if you go ahead with the sits. Plus, if they’re shopping around, they might end up ditching you for another sit.


@iamplankton I am a sitter, and we don’t accept a sit until we have spoken to the homeowner . Our preference is by video or phone call but at the minimum we’ve exchanged messages on the platform.

For a successful sit there are always important things to discuss that aren’t covered in the listing . Such as :
•the expected arrival and departure times
•The exact address
•Whether the HO will be there for the handover ( or will it be done by video call )
and important things like
•what arrangements the HO has made for paying of any emergency vet bills

We also exchange mobile numbers with the HO so that we have alternate ways to keep in contact during the stay ( other than the THS platform which is unreliable)

I would not accept a sitter who has not even provided an introductory message or responded to your follow up messages .

Do you know that there is a possibility that there might be “missing reviews “ ?

If a previous HO decided not to leave a review for the sitter ( because of a bad experience) it doesn’t show up on the sitter’s profile that you as a HO can see .

However ( on the app ) we as sitters can see if there have been sits where no review was left by the previous sitters.

Thanks all, I’ll decline their applications based on lack of communication, especially when my messages have been read but not responded to. It’s pretty rude!