Application form completed but didn't get through

Since I am on an Android, and I have never gotten any alerts to work on my phone, my husband accesses the account on his iPhone.

When a sit looks good, he messages me, and I send the application. This is pretty much instant, but this time…

The window was open for him, he sent the note, and nothing went through.

This is just crap.

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@MissChef , see this earlier post for an explanation:



1 Mar

Hello, @Breezylake I have found some further information regarding the applications which is likely to be applicable to your previous issue.

  • If you click apply when the listing has four applications and as long as you keep the application box open and do not navigate away then your application will be received and so will everyone else’s who has followed this process. This is currently happening and tech have seen listings with multiple applications received this way.
  • Make sure you apply when you see four applications and do not navigate away or close the window or let your browser time out.
  • However, if you click on apply at the exact same moment that the listing receives its final 5th application and goes into reviewing then you will still see the message box but will be unable to send the application.
  • So the difference is precise timing. If the 5 application is submitted as you open the application window you will not be able to reply as technically the 5 application has been received and the listing is already in reviewing.

Plus, as the site is in “real time,” if you apply at the same time that an owner confirms a sitter or takes the dates down, your application wont go through either.

This is not good.

When the application window will open, it should be possible to send the application.

I am losing all faith in the THS software.

He said at the time he was sending the message it had only one applicant. So… It filled up in 2 minutes or so?


I applied to one of my favourites the other day with only 2 applications, I opened the application box, but at that moment the owner clicked to confirm one of the first 2 applications. I dropped the owner a text as we have sat for them previously and they said that the second applicant was also a repeat sitter so they just confirmed them as soon as they saw their application, the sitter quickly confirmed back as they were online, so the whole thing happened and the listing was filled.

I also had a situation with an owner who didn’t confirm us (again a repeat sit) but deleted the dates as soon as we applied as they wanted us, but got confused and wanted to stop other applications coming in, they ended up sending us private dates.

Just a couple of situations where the listing closed before an application could get in. Sorry you missed out on that sit and hope you get some more great ones soon.

I have seen many sits get posted and within 30 to 60 seconds it already has one application and in under 5 minutes from appearing on the site it has reached the 5 person limit.
And when I say 60 seconds from being posted I mean literally 60 seconds from going live on the site not from when I received an alert through THS which can be much later.