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Hi everyone I am new to THS and this forum, I joined just over a week ago.
I wanted to say hello and to see if anyone can help me out with a question I have.
I am hoping someone may be able to help me as I have looked on the forum and cant find my query previously ( sincere apologies if I have missed something).
The gist is I have applied and been successful for a sit I am delighted about.
There is another sit I would like to apply for and that listing has 2 differing date sets.
The earlier dates I can do, but the later ones I cannot do as it overlaps with my confirmed sit.
The listing is showing 2 applicants for the first sit which I can do, and 4 applicants for the later sit which I cant, so it must be possible to apply for them individually.
In my cover note to the house owner I explained I could only do the first dates but when I tried to apply the system blocked me and said it was against the rules due to an overlap.
I tried to use THS help chat but the issue seemed too complicated for the automatic responses so I didnt get anywhere with it.
Has anyone else come across this where the system blocks them applying for both dates even though they can do one, and if so how were you able to resolve it?
Apologies if this is already covered but if anyone can help me I would appreciate it.
Thank you for your help

When you apply @Tourturelle there should be a click box for each set of dates and you can choose one or both. You may have clicked both and that’s why the alert is activating. Can you come back out and try just the non overlapping ones and see if that works? :+1:t3:

Thank you @Cuttlefish for coming back so quickly and for your guidance. The click boxes for both date sets are not shown ( but they must be there as others have somehow applied for the dates separately), I looked at other sits with multiple dates and it is exactly as you outlined above but for some reason for this one it is not doing that, it must be because the system sees the clash for the latter one (which I dont want to apply for anyway) and has locked me out of applying for both. I am not sure I have any other way to advise the homeowner I am interested. Many thanks again for taking the time to read and reply to my query and trying to help me out.

You can contact but by the time they get back to you the opportunity to apply may have passed due to the reviewing applications issue.
Perhaps @Ben-ProductManager is on line and can offer you assistance?

You may find the answer in this thread :

It should give you a prompt if there are overlapping dates simply reminding you not to overlap dates and leave pets without care, not blocking you out completely. There should either be an X in the pop up box so you can just remove it or a button that you can press confirming you are not overlapping sits. Unless this is a new feature that they are trying to roll out…
Hopefully they sort it for you!

Thank you Twitcher I will drop a line to the support email you flag, fingers x they are able to help me. Appreciate your information and help.

Thank you CoolCat Aunt, I will try what you say, I was a bit terrified to click again in case it messed up the lovely sit I have arranged already but I think I will give it a go and see if I can confirm sits are not overlapping. Appreciate your guidance, thank you,

That very helpful and it sound exactly the same issue that I am having I will follow what you have outlined and hopefully that will do the trick. I will also message Ben as its a shame to be closed out of applying for an imminent sit where we could help out. Thanks again for your advice.

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Thank you to @Twitcher @Cuttlefish @Silversitters @CoolCatAunt …good news… I have now been able to apply as the second set of dates disappeared leaving only the first set as there was no date clash my application was accepted. Thanks again


Great news @Tourturelle - let us know how you get on :+1:

Will do
Exciting times!!

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Good news @Twitcher have been offered sit !!

Fabulous news @Tourturelle - can you tell us where you are off to?

France which will be lovely :smiley:

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