Technical issue--applying for repeat

I applied for a sit where I had completed a sit. When I clicked on the date, initially, the system took that as my application. So I unclicked and then wrote a note and re-clicked and sent. But the HO only got a blank message!

Can you try and send them a second message?

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The system can be a bit iffy, At one time i always lost messages if I wrote one and then clicked on dates to apply. Because of this I always sent the message and then went back and clicked on the dates and sent that afterwards. The system seems to have changed though as now I cannot send the message without clicking dates as well. Just in case I alwasy copy the message, so can just paste, if it should get lost. I alwasys check on ‘sent’ to ensure it is there.

Since she knows me, she wrote “did you mean to send a blank message?”

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What a pain. Does THS not want us to correspond?

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@Katie, in the last few weeks I have found the THS platform is certainly unpredictable and at times barely functional.

I’m recently having to stick to using just WA with at least my existing HOs and explaining to them that I can’t currently be confident of comms via the THS app.

It wasn’t that bad (though sadly, really not great) for the first year of my membership, but in the last couple of months, the platform appears to be riddled with issues, anomalies and random changes.

I don’t know why tbh.

Best of luck with it.

Yep, the app inbox shows a blanked out message. My app is up to date

Hi @Katie @Savvysitter we have sent this back to the team, meanwhile please reach out to Membership Services via