Application review etiquette and advice

Not all sitters are the same. I am sometimes put off by listings with excessively detailed routines.

thanks for the suggestions

thanks for your response. Yes dates I thought were live - and still the same

Five applicants at a time…
So, a HO can decline some to receive more. I do since often the best fit applies later.

There are no requirements, but that said, think of yourself as an applicant and how much communication would you like. I both get and get sitters, but as a homeowner, I:
–Recognize I can decline sitters in order to have additional ones able to apply (since it caps at 5 but doesn’t mean you have to choose between the 5)
–Respond immeidately with a thank you for aplying and I will follow up quick note. when selecting a sitter in approx. _ # days.
–Do Whatsapp video interviews with my tops couple of picks
–Personally I shoot for selecting a sitter within two weeks
–After selecting a sitter, send a quick note to other sitters.
We all do it differently and you’ll find what works for you!