Applications counter accuracy?

When I view or apply for a sitting, I take note of the applications received counter, this does give a useful impression how many applications are being received.

But on the odd occasions I have received a reply from the HO saying they have been overwhelmed by applications and it will take time to decide… the counter is still reading 0-3 applications!

Just wondering if its actually an accurate feature…

I also understand from another post that applications are stacked up in reverse order so the HO probably reads the last submitted application first? I appreciate that the HO does not have to select in order of application but its a bit off putting if you have put an application in early on a new posting only to think that its squashed down to last position of reading!

Anyone had similar thoughts or evidence about these points?


Today, a sit (posted weeks ago) in Italy has already 50 applicants.

I applied at the beginning but the guy has not even taken time to read (at least my application, he might have read the other ones ??) or to answer me (decline, suggest a call etc.)

Having known the last will be the first (it sounds very Christian), I know when i see so many applicants it’s not the good HO… I give up, I will never insist.

We had a talk on this on another thread… Not a question of counter, a question of courtesy

I did write to that guy to suggest him to make a pause in order to read the messages already received. He did not read that one either !

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I’ve always wanted to know what that feature meant! So thanks for raising this. I’ll read the rest of the reply’s in anticipation of having my questions answered.

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A question for team members @Katie-MembershipServices @Ben-Product

Hi @Sianee thank you for joining in the conversation, you will get your question answered …

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I so agree, @Martin_S with both issues you have raised. It sometimes occurs to me that the HO may not really have that many applications but it sounds good when replying to a HS! I know, I shouldn’t think this!! As far as I’m aware, HO do not realise we can see the number counter which is giving us an idea of applications already received.
It is frustrating also knowing that applications aren’t in order of when they are received. As you say, putting in an early application when there are many can result in it being read well after others or not even read!


I agree with you @Martin_S and @temba
A HO has used the exact same wording to me “I have been overwhelmed with applications” During a phone call I asked one HO how many had they received. She replied 3! I am not sure if it is accurate though, when you see a new listing with over 50+ applicants.
I have also wondered about the applications being in reverse order. Many occasions I have applied as soon as I have seen it listed at 0-3, for it then to go to 4-7 or even higher, to find out that I have been rejected because it has been given to the first on the list. If I was a HO I would want to give it to the best applicant, rather than whoever applied for it first (or last as it now seems to be)


Hi All,

  • The number of applications is accurate

  • We have looked into if you are the first applicant or the last and whether this has an impact on whether a Sitter secures the sit. These don’t actually correlate to being selected and is something we have been looking into further. It’s actually down to your message, profile references and reviews.

  • Often a Sitter is selected on some form of personal connection or insight provided. Often an application that has a tailored message, goes into detail about yourself, experience with animals/breed and paying attention to these small details is the real secret to a successful application. If the sit is right for you I would go ahead and apply.

  • As we come out of the pandemic of course some homeowners do get a lot of applications. We try our best to support them and ask Owners to pause dates. Over the coming months when everybody starts travelling again those popular Sits won’t be oversubscribed.

Hope this insight helps and has been useful. Thanks, Ben


Hi Ben
I agree that the messaging and profile details are important when the HO makes their choice but it would still seem more sensible to have the earliest applications available to the HO first

If it can be sorted by oldest first then logic says it can also be sorted by earliest first too :grinning: and your comments about the applicants message & profile content etc would still be valid.


My comment is not about the accuracy of the counter but about the order being received and whether that gives anyone priority over anyone else. I figured the HS could see how many applications I was getting as they made reference to it. In some cases the reference was sort of like “well I guess you have alot of applications …but anyway, here is mine too!” as if there was no chance because of that. I wanted to reiterate my preference is for someone who actually fit my criteria and who demonstrate they actually read what I write over when they applied for the sit. For example I have said that my house is definitely not suitable for small children and I got families with small children applying.


Absolutely agree that the meeting of your requirements by the potential sitter are paramount for a decision.

As a sitter though, it just feels a bit at odds by being dumped at the bottom of the list of potentially 20-50 applicants just because you responded early!

Bit like standing in the front of the queue at Harrods summer sale only to find they open the doors at the back of the queue!:confused:


Martin, Great analogy and I am sure that TH is doing something about that because it does not sound fair. I have to reiterate though and maybe its just me but I go through ALL applications and the ones that actually read what I wrote and comment to demonstrate that are the ones I star for further review. Tbh…I get 2 or 3 like this out of 45-50. Seriously! I find most comment on the 'fur babies" but that to me is sort of a given. I like the people who dig deeper into all the details I have put about me, my home, the area, the things that I express as important to me. I have never asked too much of a sitter I don’t think. Based on some of the comments on this forum I am really a bit shocked at how some HO are behaving. Well that is people for you isn’t it? Takes all sorts as they say. :laughing:


I agree with @Martin_S - we try and get in early with our applications, but sometimes HO’s don’t look back at the site for a while and in that time there are 20+ applicants and we are then at the bottom of the list. We’ve been told before by homeowners that we lost out because someone got in before us, when I know that we were the first to apply.

Of course some HO’s do look through each application and then shortlist the best candidates (I have no idea if there is something built into the system to help shortlist applications on the HO’s side of thing), but other HO’s do just pick the first applicant that sounds good - in this case it would be an advantage to apply later.


Totally agree!! As a pet sitter this has always bugged me about the reverse order of applicants. As a matter of principle when I’m the HO reviewing applications I always, always read the one received first, first! I usually choose among the first three if they meet requirements.


As a HS and HO, when I got 50+ apps (before I figured how to pause it) they were in order, the lowest ones in my inbox ( date order) were the first responders. I just went to the bottom and worked my way up. I have had several HOs tell me that the selected someone that responded before me. So I don’t know if there is a way to improve things. :woman_shrugging:


Kerri - Been no comment from THS to suggest they are doing anything…:cry::cry:

@Angela-CommunityManager - are you able to confirm or deny this is being looked at as a possible change?

Martin, being in the software development business myself I can empathize with THS on their platform challenges. There are always so many considerations to make and it takes more time than one can imagine. Based on the way THS operates I am confident they are doing their best to manage a bunch of difficult processes and of course business must be way down for them. I think we need to give them time. Just my thoughts that I am sharing. Right or wrong.


Martin Hi & thank you @Kerri.

The product team take on board all member feedback and giving every member the best possible user journey to help guarantee their success is the objective, changes which could improve every member’s experience are always in discussion and prioritised accordingly … the team will advise members of any changes as and when they are implemented.