Does the "applicant" counter work on HO listings?

It doesn’t look like the applicant counter works. When it reads 0-3, and I apply, nothing changes. Of course it could be the site does not want sitters to know and the number won’t move for my application until there are 3. I do see listings in the future with numbers showing above 3, but is it accurate?

If you are the first then the counter wouldn’t change. If you were the 4th then it should change. However, you will never know!

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Hi @Turtle the counter does work and perhaps @Therese-MembershipService can update you when she is back online and as @Smiley says … 0-3 if you were 1 or 2 the counter wouldn’t change.

Hi @Turtle … As@smiley and @Angela-CommunityManager mentions… the counter is done in a number of segments. Everything is working correctly on this counter.
However, I do want to mention, if you do see a number of larger applicants … say 4-7 or 8-11 applicants on a New Button Listing(this only really occurs on Boosted listings), please don’t feel that you should not apply. There may be applicants in the homeowners’ messages that cannot do the sit but neither the Homeowner nor housesitter have not formally declined the sit, so they still appear as applicants. We constantly encourage homeowners to untick these applicants, but it does not always work. Therefore I would like to encourage all sitters to apply regardless of the number of applicants that show on the listing. As mentioned, this really only occurs on boosted listings. I hope this helps. Kind regards Therese


Thanks for your reply. I am glad to hear you coax HO to let applicants know when a sitter is engaged or about to be. However, it appears to me enough HO do what we in real estate call “shopping” an offer. This means sitters apply freely and the HO collects apps, while hammering out details with one sitter. That sitter continues to search for other sits, and ultimately accepts a different sit. By the time the HO gets back to the original applicants, we have accepted other sits. This has happened to me when the shopping HO is in the perfect location to visit with my family. The HO came back to me after I accepted another sit much farther away. I think there is a nonchalance to many HO because of the many applicants, many of which are only mildly interested in their opportunity. Sitters have to over apply due to this issue as well as the one where the HO never even READS the message. Can’t you call the HO who have checked in for a month? Lots of HO sign up and forget. They may get an email but lets face it, our email boxes are overflowing.

Sorry - typo, should be “can’t you call the HO when they have NOT checked in for a month?”

Hi @Turtle … just to let you know for the future, if you do make a typo (which we all do :grinning: ), you can edit the comment by clicking on the three dots to the left of “Reply” and then by clicking the pencil icon. All the best.