Are dogs allowed on buses in Devon?

Rental cars are so expensive this summer in England we might rent a bike instead but we have to walk a dog and we cannot leave him more than 3 hours. Can we take a normal dog (i mean not a special dog for blind of deaf people) on buses ? Is it allowed ? Must he be put in a bag (weight : 18 kilos) . Is it at discretion of the bus driver ?
Do taxis accept dogs in England ?
I tried to find out if this topic has been answered before, but it does not seem it had

Hi @Candide most bus & train companies in the UK allow dogs. Taxi’s Ubers etc you need to enquire when booking, I know you’ve discounted rental cars because of costs but many do not allow dogs in their cars anyway. Where will you be sitting and do you have easy walking access to most places?

This article from the Dogs Trust contains helpful information.


Very helpful as always, thanks Angela

We travel in the UK by car but like to park up and use the public transport. We just love taking dogs on buses and trains - “Dogs on Tour”


Unfortunately our lurcher is terrified of travelling on a bus……we did park and ride once with her when visiting Bath and she spent the whole journey hiding under my seat shaking and panting, I would not subject her to that again and have asked sitters not to take her on a bus. If sitters do not have a car the dogs can easily be walked from home.

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I always ask the owners if their dog(s) are ok travelling in cars, buses, trains and certainly wouldn’t take them if they weren’t. Having asked a recent owner if their dog Wookie could travel by train and getting the thumbs up, I took her and I’m sure she’s smiling