Unrestrained dogs in vehicles

I like to take the dogs I housesit for out in my car (or car loaned by houseowners when travelling) to explore different areas, nice for the dogs and me. Sometimes the owner has had restraints for the dogs when travelling, usually attached to the seat belt holder. Other times they haven’t so I’ve travelled with the dog(s) in the boot, removing the parcel shelf. I’ve had no problems thus far. However when the wife of one of my cousins saw a pic I’d posted on Facebook of two dogs in the boot she brought to my attention that I could be fined if I had an accident and the dogs were found to be unrestrained.
I attach a link with further information:

Should owners be required to provide restraints for sitters?
I’m posting this to owners also


Thank you @Smiley

For more information here is a link to global directives

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As mentioned in the other section perhaps TH could make this prominent on the website as clearly lots of people are unaware of it.


And as written in the section owners, sitters MUST ask owners if they have to rent a car, if the rental company does not accept dogs, what do they have to do if they need to take the dog in emergency ?
Use the rental car (and face problems, paid by the owner ?) use a taxi which accepts dogs. If they are bleeding or vomiting, it can be a real problem (stains etc.)
Check if there is a safety belt for dog in the owner’s home, a harness ?

And without imagining the worse, only for nice walks near by, all that needs to be evoked

It means owners must check the rules in their country (I had a look, Switzerland is different than France or Italy. CEE has not adopted the same rules obviously.)