Leaving Our Vehicle

Good morning. I hope everyone is well. My partner and I have decided to leave one of our vehicles for our sitter family to use. Understandably, we’re a bit nervous! The family is from outside of the United States. How do we know if they have an active driver’s license? Should we add them to our auto Insurance? We don’t know what kind of car insurance they have or how that would work outside of their country. Thanks in advance.

Hi @cee.bee That’s such a great benefit for your sitters, I have had many owners make their vehicles available and the most important thing is to contact your own insurance provider and ask what is the procedure.

The broker will require their licence details including the issuing country, gender, DOB, number and any previous/current convictions, but be guided by your broker as insurance varies widely.

When everything has been confirmed and cover provided let the drivers know the details of the cover with a copy of the policy additions and prepare a “Right to Drive” … this is a simple note, signed by you for the sitters to carry in the car in case they need to prove they have permission to drive the vehicle.

I have always had this in the car but never needed to produce it.

Also come to an agreement regarding the use of the vehicle and what happens if the sitters get a parking ticket etc.

Where any insurance is concerned always consult your own insurance provider first.


Fantastic. Car hires are so expensive just now. I for one would not mind paying the fee the broker charges you for putting me on your insurance. It would be nothing like the cost of hire.
Hope you get a great person to look after your pets.


Hi @ElsieDownie ditto, I have always offered to pay any additional charges to be included on the owner’s insurance.

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It’s very useful to have a car, particularly if nice dog walks are some way from the home. Nearly all homeowners on my NZ sits left a car for me to use which I took advantage of, useful sometimes to get to the supermarket but mostly to take dogs out exploring with me. It’s unusual for UK owners to leave a car so I tend to use mine. I believe that hire car firms don’t always allow animals in their vehicles.


I have Erie Insurance in the USA and no one is allowed to drive my car if they do not live in my home and appear on my policy as living in this home, not even my own daughter. I’ve been told that if she were to get into an accident driving my car, I would be dropped. I guess it’s a good thing that I live far enough away from the airports that sitters who stay here need to drive here in their own vehicles. I give them use of the garage.

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