Car Insurance for UK sitter in Europe

Now that the UK is out of the EU, it appears that we can’t use our car insurance to drive an owner’s car other than at exorbitant day rates. The alternative seems to be asking the owner to add us to their car insurance for the house/pet sit period. Of course, we are happy to pay the owner’s additional cost (presumably at a lower rate). However, it would add admin to the owner - some may be OK with this, others may feel it’s an inconvenience.

Have I got this right? What are other UK sitters finding?

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We rarely use a home owner’s car in the UK, but the one time we did, they added us on and paid for it. I think we had to send them our driver’s licence documentation. hat being said, we had our own rental car at the time and only used their car to drive their 4 big dogs to a place where we could run them so it was by their request. I guess it depends on who is benefitting the most. I don’t see why you can’t ask, especially since you are offering to pay.

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Thanks Kelownagurl. We’ve asked and, fortunately, we don’t have to do anything as the owner’s insurance allows other people to drive their car. But I will get a written confirmation to keep in the car.