Fulltime nomadic sitters: How do you get car insurance?

I am travelling through Europe from sit to sit with a car with British number plates, and I have reported the car as “permanently exported” with the British authorities, as I don’t intend to ever bring the car back to the UK. It is much cheaper and far more convenient to just get a flight ticket when visiting family than to pay the car ferry and have a lot of extra driving. Now my insurance has run out yesterday and the insurance agency refused to extend it for another year, because of the permanently exported status. How can I get a car insurance if I don’t settle in any country? I want to keep moving from country to country for a few years, and I really need my own car, as all my stuff wouldn’t fit into two suitcases, and public transport is often not an option for housesits, and definitely not as convenient.


Hi @Romana we have moved your question here as there are numerous topics around nomadic sitters being discussed and the opportunity for help will be greater than posting independently. https://forum.trustedhousesitters.com/t/fully-nomadic-sitters/

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