Are Pop-in Visitors Allowed?

My husband also said he would be fine with that arrangement too!
As you said each to their own.
I might apply for it after all

That does seem a little odd. It almost seems like it’s the daughters’ dogs and mom/dad are daytime dog watchers. lol!

I wouldn’t totally turn me off from the sit, but it definitely is an odd circumstance.

If I was considering the sit I would have a good chat with the HO about the circumstances surrounding the arrangement.
If it was in a desirable area it would give me more free time to explore.
I would also want to know if the dogs are familiar with the routine.
It wouldn’t suit every sitter but as we know from the forum we all have different expectations. Again communication is the key.

Id be OK with that, but I’d want to know what the drop-off arrangements were - I really dont want to meet other humans at 8am :rofl: Happy with just pets and a cup of coffee, without any human interaction.

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Yes I agree
I think they look after the daughter’s dog while she works.
I looked for the sit again but it appears to have gone

I am on my first international sit & this is the HOs first sitter experience with THS. Their friends popped in to say hi and have a coffee with me. It was the middle of the day, I was sat working and they were unannounced. Yes this could have been rather annoying for me and made me feel like they don’t trust me, but i’m not that bothered. It was nice to sit and chat and they helped me with a door handle that fell off. I understand that HOs want to be reassured their home is still standing and their pets are safe. They are new to the site and I understand their concerns.

The sit I’m on now has had several people just pop in. It’s been tiresome because it’s a gated entrance but there is no intercom. They buzz and you’re supposed to then open the gate so they can come to the house. But I’m not opening the gate to anyone I’m not expecting so I walk down and meanwhile they buzz 2398472938749812837492384 times for me to let them in only for me to tell them the HO is not here. People just randomly popping in without prearrangement are rude and inconsiderate of other people’s time.

I’m okay with a visitor if I know it is happening.
On my current sit, the HO let me know that her son who was on the vacation with them was returning earlier and needed to stop in, collect some things and head to school.
She let me know when he was coming and he rang the doorbell - didn’t just use his key.
I’m fine with that.
And on a sit last Xmas, I was introduced to the near neighbors who arranged to bring their dog for a playdate and brought me half a meatloaf. Again, they didn’t just show up, but texted me in advance to be sure the timing was right.


This might be the case for you, but not to everyone.
Maybe there are HOs, who enjoy surprise visits and maybe the visitors don’t know that they are not at home and someone else is staying at the house?
I have no objections at all if people I know, just pop by and if I have time I invite them in for a coffee, but it’s perfectly alright with them if I don’t.
If you don’t want anybody ringing the bell, can’t you put a sticker to it, which says it’s broken, or do not disturb, or, simply turn it off. In our house this would be possible to do by turning off the fuse. I would ask the HO how to turn it off and explain that you don’t want to be disturbed when you work.

Of course it’s just my opinion. I never said otherwise. But I’m allowed to express personal opinions, am I not?

can’t you put a sticker to it, which says it’s broken, or do not disturb, or, simply turn it off.

Turning it off is not an option. I have asked the HO to let people know he’s not at home and to not stop by but people will be people.

If I know someone is coming, that’s fine. I’ve encouraged the HO to give people my whatsapp number to coordinate with me rather than just stopping by unannounced. I don’t know if he’s not doing that or they just aren’t bothering.

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You certainly may :grin:
I just wanted to point out that the HO might be completely different. Maybe they simply don’t understand that you prefer to be left alone :woman_shrugging:t3:
There are people, who you can tell a thousand times, but they don’t get it. Something like this makes me furious , because it feels like talking to a wall. I completely understand you, even if I don’t share the wanting to be left alone :wink:

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For this reason, I don’t answer the doorbell.

Just because someone rings the bell, it does not mean I have to go and answer the door. And every time, after they walked away, I see a person retreating with a clipboard or a handful of flyers.

If they don’t know the homeowner, or they don’t know that the homeowner is not home, it’s not up to me to explain the situation!

If they DO know the homeowner, AND they know the homeowner is not home, then they should not be stopping by on an unannounced visit.