Pop-in Visits versus Sleeping Overnight

Whenever there are house/pet sits for pop-in visits over a short time period, I guess their audience would be limited to only local folks? There are very few but I always am curious as to who this appeals to.

I don’t think they are technically allowed on THS. I suggest you send a link of the sit to one one of the moderators.

Yes, they appear sometimes. Even just 1 day sits. Some HOs might not have understood the concept of this site and THS staff can take a look if it’s against their policy.

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Hi @DMJ thank you for posting your question and as both @Kelownagurl & @Timmy have said these sit requests do appear on the site on occasions, however there is a minimum of one night for sits and no day care or drop in pet care.

If you do come across one that “escaped” then as @Kelownagurl says you can DM the link to one of our team.

TrustedHousesitters pet care is all about one to one care and pets having the company of humans as if nothing has changed when their pet parents leave.

Having said that we do have local sits that regularly take place, my first sit was just 10 mins from my home and we advise new sitter members to start locally when possible as it really is the best way to get started.

This really seems like people who usually book a drop in on a website like Rover.com trying to avoid paying for a service on there. I have had a few HO’s I contacted mention this was their alternative, and while they didn’t violate the terms or ethos of THS, I didn’t accept because it just felt too transactional.

having agreed that THS does not condone visitors/overnight stays as part of the initial house sit understanding, if both HOs and sitters are amenable to having drop ins or longerterm visitors I am assuming that is ok?

wrong context i think? pop-in = a sitter that’s not spending the night, not a guest of the sitter spending the night.

Sorry Liz, I should have clarified. I had meant short term sits of one day - I came across a listing and there was no overnight involved. :smile: