Availability & time spent with pets

hi i’ve noticed in a large amount of ads, and not just on this site, from ppl who want sitters who either work from home or will be home lots. i’m only new to sitting but wondered is this normal. i feel like ppl hardly want you to go out and only then to walk their pets. thoughts?


Yes, this seems to be a recent trend most likely because many people got pandemic pets and have been working from home, so the pets are used to having someone there. This is a problem because although sitters are in it for the pets, they also want to be able to run errands and see the area. This is one of the reasons many HO are having a hard time getting sitters.


I am reluctant to apply for sits that state that the sitter may not be absent for more than 2.5 hours or a similar requirement. I feel that the choice of accepting the conditions of a sit are mutual. Possibly HO could be made aware of the effect of such a requirement.

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We won’t take a sit where the pets can’t be left for at minimum of 4 hours. We don’t go out very often but in a week-long sit, we would like to be able to do something away from the house for at least one afternoon.


Even though I spend a lot of time at home and therefore could potentially be “a perfect fit” for sits that require an “immobile” sitter I have never and would never apply for sits with such a requirement. It must work both ways. And such a requirement (or any other unreasonable requirement/expectation/pet-owner) can never be a perfect fit for me.

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The main reason for Trusted Housesitters is to look after pets. I always prioritise the pets’ welfare/routines over exploring for myself. I would however not take on a sit where dogs cannot be left for less than 4 hours and certainly wouldn’t consider dogs with separation anxiety that can’t be left at all. To answer your question there are a variety of ads. The RSPCA recommends 4 hours is about right to leave a dog at home alone. I like to take my canine charges out with me as much as possible and when possible, all depends on the different sits/owners/dogs.


In the last 4 years of -100 sits now I have only ever applied and accepted a sit I was willing to do what the host required.
Simple. :relaxed:
That choice has made this life work for me.


Yes I agree, and no one should accept a sit if they’re not prepared to follow the owners’ instructions