As an owner, do you give any type of gift to sitters

As an owner, does anyone give the sitters a gift? If so, what type of gift? money? Gift card?

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No, they’ve had the gift of my beautiful home to stay in for free for a wonderful holiday in London!


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HI @Pnurse as an active sitter and also an owner who engaged sitters for my home in Canada (I’m one of those full time sitters, it keeps me fully connected with our community) it’s a very personal thing and will often depend on the relationship which develops.

As an owner I always brought something home for my sitters (I had no pets to care for and was generally gone for a min of 3 months, pet sitting and working remotely) I had one sitter who joined a quilting class and left me the most gorgeous quilt as a thank you.

As a sitter I have been given many lovely gifts which are hugely appreciated but I always impress on owners it neither expected or necessary. I must say I always leave my owners a little something, but again that’s my personal choice to do so.

It is very personal with no obligation whatsoever, on either side .


Yes @Pnurse I always come back with a gift for my sitters, it’s symbolic.

We always invite them for lunch or dinner before our departure as we want to see them one day before and on our way back, we bring them something from the place where we were : some honey from Corsica (last summer), chocolate (from Swizerland), 1 or 2 bottles of wine from France when sitters live in a country where wine is expensive (England, Scandinavia)

In summer a bunch of fresh Lavender from our garden, or some liquor my husband makes with verbena

I’m so pleased everything was Ok, the pets happy, the house tidy, so grateful when they had sent us photos, posts that I think normal to show they are more like friends now.

I would never give money, i guess sitters would feel insulted (i would be as a pet sitter). Money may be given only for expenses they have made whilst we were away (petrol to go 4 times to the vet clinic, 30 km distant, for example)


I always find a bottle of wine is welcome and if the owners have been abroad, or had a long trip home, I usually make a meal for their return.


We, usually, bring our sitters a gift from where we’ve visited - usually edible or drinkable! The sitters who have looked after our place have always done such a great job; often going beyond what we expect, like the extra weeding or freezing of surplus soft fruit & veg. We are grateful as it allows us a holiday without worrying that it is just a small token of our appreciation.