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I recently joined TH as I’m travelling for 7 weeks and have two kittens who will only be 10 months old when I leave. Friends told me about TH because they’d had such great experiences with them. In the past when I’ve needed pets cared for, I’ve been lucky to have family or friends looking for a place to stay while I was away, but not this time. Thankfully, after just a couple of days I had two great applications to my post for a sitter. Perhaps I’d have had more if I’d waited, but I feel really comfortable with the choice I’ve made. She has great reviews and I couldn’t pass her up. We’ve chatted over the phone and I’m confident she’ll be perfect. It’s such a relief to know my kittens will be well cared for in my absence.


G’Day @Woolly and welcome to the Forum! It warms my heart to hear you have already received applications and now a confirmed sitter you feel good about. Mission accomplished connecting travelers with fellow pet lovers and caretakers :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:

One suggestion might be to include your listing in your Forum profile so potential sitters would be further enticed to find you in the future How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

Meantime, thank you for sharing your success so far and happy trails!
Karen S and The Forum Team

Hi from Scarborough, Queensland @Woolly & welcome to the forum. I’m a sitter & a HO. Where are you located?

Thanks @KarenS-Moderator. I’ll get onto it

Hi, @Crookie, Thanks. I’m from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria - a bit more than an hour South East of Melbourne CBD.

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Hi Karen,
I’ve been trying to follow the instructions from the link below for adding a link to my forum profile to no avail. I’ve copied the link, but when I try to go to the forum, it asks me to log in again. There’s no pic like in the screen shot. Instead it looks like this


I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong :woman_shrugging:t2:.

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Hi @Woolly,
Looking into it…stay tuned!

Hi @Woolly @KarenS-Moderator is offline at the moment and she asked a team member to help you. I have added the link to your profile, now other members on the forum will be able to view your listing.

You kittens Mini and Albie are adorable, they would be wonderful feline companions for sitters, where is you trip taking you for 7 weeks, it must be exciting and knowing the kittens are taking care for at home will be a great relief.


Hi @Woolly! Did you find sitters because your ad says currently no sitters needed?

Hello from a family in Victoria that particularly loves cats (and of course dogs and all animals!)

@Knowmad I have found sitters. Thank you.

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Thank you @Angela-HeadOfCommunity . That’s fabulous.
In mid August I’m travelling to Amsterdam to visit my son and his partner. I haven’t seen them for almost 3 years and am so excited. It’s my son’s 30th birthday while I’m there, too and afterwards he and I will have a mini trip to Copenhagen as neither of us have ever been. In Mid September I travel from Amsterdam to Goreme in Cappadocia, Turkey, where I’m visiting some very special friends I’ve known since we lived next to each other in Melbourne in the mid 80s. My son and his partner may join us there as well. I’m hopeful :pray:



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Oh that sounds like such a special trip for you both! And I’m so glad you found a sitter. Best wishes on your journey. Do comeback and share highlights :slight_smile:

Thanks so much Karen.