Australian meet up?

We have just three more Australian sits to do before heading back to the UK.

If you are in or around these areas and would be interested to meet for a coffee feel free to get in touch!

Albury - Now - April 2nd
Bondi - April 2nd - April 27th
coledale - April 27th - May 16th


Hello, @Colin I hope you get to finish your Australian adventure by meeting other members. I have been watching Bondi Beach Rescue and that’s about as close as I can get to meeting with you in Australia at the moment :rofl:
Please share some photos of your travels.

If only you were in Queensland @Colin :smiley:


hopefully next time @Crookie x


Hi @Colin. I can’t believe your epic Australian / New Zealand adventure will soon be coming to a close! I hope all the remaining sits are amazing, and you’re able to meetup with others along the way.


Is there a Queensland meetup? I am currently on the Gold Coast until Easter then heading north to Gin Gin, via the Sunshine Coast.

Hi @karenfay I can’t answer that as I’m currently in the UK. I suggest you post something in the meet up area of the forum