BackToBackPetSits May-September

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Well here I am half way through my 2’d pet sit

Sit 1 Gallinaro Italy ( travelled from Brisbane, Australia ) duration 30 days

Within a week of being at sit 1 I had secured my next 2 site

Perugia ( current sit 10 days )

So I am now jinny 3rd of 6 back to back pet sits across Europe.

I am in Brussels Belgium for the next 21 days.

I have never been to Europe before so exploring how all the cities and towns is very enjoyable

When I leave here I am heading to 2 back to back. Pet sits in UK totalling 37 days

After UK it’s 14 days in the heart of Vienna


and that is how easy it can be. Well done and Congratulations.
Please continue to share pics and your experiences.


Wow, that’s brilliant! Well done & enjoy your sits & countries :blush:


For someone who has never been to Europe, you are certainly having a great introduction. We love it and always want to return. Enjoy the adventures!!!


Yes and what’s even more surprising I only joined this fantastic platform on 5th May found a 30 day pet sit in Italy on the 6th or 7th May and by the 15th May literally a week later I was on a plane to Rome, via Singapore and Helsinki

All I need is to find myself a well paying REMOTE IT software solutions analyst systems analysis type role ( in case anyone reading this is a remote working and known of possible roles please message me ). If I am able to find suitable remote role I could become a full time international pet sitter


Congratulations @SafePaws and welcome to the Community Forum! Looks like you are really utilizing all the benefits of TrustedHousesitters, and wow, what a cutie you have there! We are fourteen months away from retirement and counting those months until we can start doing international sits like you have been fortunate enough to find. But I will say this…if you weren’t doing a great job I am sure you would not be finding so many new sits. Great reviews lead to more great sits!

Keep up the great travels, and please send mor pics of your adventures and journey!

Have a great day!

Debbie - Forum Team Moderator


Welcome, @SafePaws and congrats on the petsitting gigs in Europe. That kitty is a beauty. Like Sofia Loren herself.

Good luck finding a FT remote role. The time zone differences can be challenging, and employers are finding other issues problematic. With my employer, they’ve been telling people they cannot be based outside of the United States due to business registration and taxation issues.

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What a wonderful adventure! That little kitty is a cutie :slight_smile:

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Hi @SafePaws welcome to the community and well done on getting off to a flying start ( Literally!). We did a very similar thing to you just over a year ago and are loving our THS adventures.
My only words of wisdom to you are, although we all need an income of some kind to live on, as a full time sitter that income can be far less than you would normally need. With hardly any accommodation costs plus learning the art of travelling light you find that buying ‘stuff’ because you want it quickly stops. You only buy what you need and can carry!
So maybe that job you are looking for does not need to be as well paid as you imagine.


Travelling light? I haven’t learnt that after years of travelling….:joy:


This is absolute truth!
The life many Dream about is very possible when we recalculate and begin to see what an impact a few changes will make.

It’s possible. On my way to my next sit, on foot :dancer:
But first a coffee


Wow only 30 liters! I’m impressed @Amparo. I like to think I travel light, but I don’t travel quite that light. 30 liters is the size of my day pack. To that I add a rolling carryon bag which is a little bigger. :laughing: :luggage: :school_satchel:


Me too, too, too!

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A big welcome @SafePaws and a wonderful start to your pet sitting adventures! Great to see another Aussie beginning a new lifestyle and embracing all that THS offers. Enjoy every moment of all those back-to-back sits in Europe and the UK.


@barbsun54 - The mistake your sitters made was not splitting up, it was to leave the one that was not comfortable with birds at yours - I have no idea why they would choose to do that, it sounds really irresponsible.

We always try to book back to back and split if necessary to accommodate this. Booking hotels for ‘a few days’ in between sits is very expensive!

It is so unfortunate that this occurred during your sit. As sitters, we definitely have chosen to leave at least 24-72 hrs between sits. Even if it’s just a train ride away, we want to be available for any unforeseen circumstances that may come up. There are two of us, but I haven’t really considered splitting up, to accommodate an issue with our next sit. Although many of our sits have had a change of plans (sometimes advance notice, sometimes last minute) due to the airlines, so far we’ve been able to adjust our arrival and departure times accordingly. We don’t consider our time in a hotel between sits to be an added burden…we use those opportunities to do a little touring. Perhaps in the future, have a very serious conversation with potential sitters, and explain how disappointed you were with that situation, and your goal is to avoid a repeat issue.

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