Being Flexible!

We always pride ourselves on flexibility - a top requirement for housesitters, and post Covid, we find every sit has been complicated, date changes, cancellations, etc.

Every full time sitter knows the mechanics of adapting to a schedule change - rearranging with homeowners on both ends and juggling arrival/departure times. Or having the homeowners call and say they are coming home early – see you in 3 hours!

Here’s a new one! We start a sit in 2 days - they just acquired a third dog. Long story, they rescued a dog and totally understandable given the circumstances. We’ve done a sit with 3 dogs before - each on a different feeding/walking/activity schedule. Hoping this doesn’t happen again!


And covid has put a totally new spin on the concept of flexibility. The airline has just brought our flight to London forward by a whole day. It’s put a bit of a spanner in our quarantine plans…

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At least it wasn’t cancelled with no options! We had homeowners who could not get a return flight home! Their third “replacement” flight was cancelled. They were due home at 7:00 pm & arrived home the next day. Flexibility has to be the new game when planning back-to-back sits.

You’re absolutely right. I usually like back-to-back sits but I’m a bit nervous to do them right now.

I try to leave a few days between sits now, cause one owner arrived 2 days later & another one still didn’t manage to get home a month and a half later!!!