How many sitters here book multiple sits in an area?

My husband and I often will book two or more sits together. If we get a sit in a certain area, we may look for one the weeks before or after in the same general location. After all, we’re already there!

Is that something other sitters do?


I got accepted for my very first sit, in Bangkok in June 2017, Then I noticed another one for a few days with dates BEFORE my 1st one, so I applied, explaining that I would be in the city later in the month, and got the sit. So my first sit was actually the second I got accepted for. I then continued to sit in Bangkok for another month on a 3rd sit. I have done similar in Vietnam and Singapore.
I think being in a country gives a HO confidence that you will turn up, and even meet up before the sit.


I do that as well. The more I travel, the less I want to move around, especially as I work full time as I travel. Last year I had several sits lined up in Yorkshire that unfortunately didn’t end up happening due to Covid, but I’m keeping my eye out and will hopefully be able to do something similar next year.


I am stuck in Scotland just now, but my plan is to travel back to SE Asia later in the year, and base myself in one country for a while rather than travel around too much like pre covid. So I hope to be able to get to Thailand(phuket), Bali or Malaysia and have some contacts in each country. I think that will be the way forward for me for a while - if travel and visa’s allow.


Yes, definitely. Generally, we decided where we want to go (usually the UK, France, and Italy). Then we start looking for sits within some rough outside dates (6-8 weeks). Once we get an “anchor sit”, we try to book other sits in the same time frame. Sometimes we end up going directly from one to another, but usually we have a few days “off” when we find a nice B&B and relax before the next one. We’ve found home owners to be very flexible if we are come from or leaving to another sit. One set had to change their dates and we didn’t even get to meet in person, but it all worked out fine.

Anyway, after the sits are organized, we book our flights and leave a couple of nights free before and after the sits. I think the most we’ve done is 3 in a row, and the last trip we flew to London, had one sit in the UK, then flew to France for two more. Lovely trip.


We frequently chain sits together. For example, in the fall of 2019, we returned to the UK to do a second-time sit as well as a new one. The new one was the sister of a previous homeowner in France. At the end of the year, we traveled to to a third-time sit in France, followed by a new sit, and then on to sit for friends we had previously made when our homeowner introduced us to their walking group. In total we were sitting from October 2019 to March 2020.

Normally, we try to have a day or so with each owner at the beginning and end of our stay. It makes for a nice handover. We’ve even had homeowners suggest we stay longer to spend some time with them. We’ve been taken to Christmas parties, dancing lessons, touring their favourite spots, among other things. On several occasions, owners have collected us from the previous house sit.


Yes Petermac, this is helpful. I’m a regular to the cities where my family lives so that I can give them space and for myself too. It means I can stay longer ‘as a local’ without being under their feet. As I work in my own virtual business, I feel less anti-social when I need to work than I would if I was staying in their home. It’s a win for us all in my view. Great post - thanks!


I like to, whenever possible. I have two weeks in Kansas coming up and I booked a sit on the way there to cut off travel time and a “close” sit of 8 hours away to make it worthwhile the drive

I 've applied to different sits in “the south” (east or west) of France, the limit being around 5 hours drive, in order to come back home in between, witout being too tired to drive alone (at Xmas I drove during 7 hours + under a heavy rain, and I was exhausted on my arrival).
I never apply for the same dates, or too close ones, I would feel miserable to decline one offer if I was selected by 2 owners.

Yes. We try to be in specific places at certain times, gliding competitions, sailing regattas etc. so we do book multiple sits in the same areas.
Next year, if the world opens up again, we want to spend about six months in and around Vancouver Island so it will be lots of sits in the same area again. It’s good to really get to know the areas.

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That’s my current situation. Three weeks here and 2 weeks right on the heels of it. Great way to extend a visit especially since I’ve got family in the area. Win-Win


This is what we do also in order to keep transportation costs down and the exhausting travelling days to a minimum.
We are currently on our first of four back to back sits all in London and all involving only around one hour travelling in between each.


All the time. I have regular sits in London that are a short bus ride apart.
And the HOs are aware, very accommodating and flexible so that it works out for everyone.